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    I saw a link to mikes web site on the ballast car thread. I did some looking around on the site, and found a section of RS3's. I thoughts frisco never bought any. Are these "RS3's" the RS1's and 2's with EMD 576 motors in them?
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    The Frisco did not have any RS-3's They did have RS-1's and RS-2's. The RS-2's 550-554 were repowered by EMD in 1959 and had EMD 16-567C engines in them. This Information can be found in the book, "Frisco Diesel Power" by Louis Marre and John Harper. The book is the Guide for Frisco Diesel and Information. I highly recommend that you try to get one if you can find one. It is out of print and rather pricey.
    Bob Wintle
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    I went and loooked at Mike Condren's site, and I believe he's in error--as Bob states, 550-554 were RS-2s. Prowling around his site are some pictures of 554 in it's original, ALCo scheme...hmmm, let me look...well, it was in his paint shop columns on his old site. I did find this link:

    Scroll down, and there's a picture of 554 on the turntable, and he identifies it as an RS-2 rebuilt with a 567 engine by EMD.
    Most people refer to the reengined RS-2s as RS-2Ms. You may run across mention of "Morphrodites," too. MKT and Rock Island also reengined ALCos with EMD prime movers, and some of the MKT's were RS-3s, I think, so perhaps that's where the confusion comes in.

    You could also find "Frisco in Color," which has some nice pictures and good info in it.
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    The Frisco never repowered their ex-AT&N RS-1's. They used the 1000HP ALCo 539 engine which was a reliable and proven unit and gave little trouble. The later RS-2's used the new 1500HP ALCo 244 engine (also in the FA's and FB's) and was a nightmare - turbo troubles, crankshaft troubles, piston troubles, etc.

    Hence, many of the FA's/FB's, and all five of the RS-2's, were re-engined with EMD 567's. They were indeed RS-2M's, but the SLSF had them in the same class category as their GP7's.

    After their experience with the 244, the Frisco never went back to ALCO for more - no RS-3's, no FA2/FB2's, and alas, no PA's.

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    On your railroad the Frisco could have run PAs--along with an E8B :) In the racehorse scheme....hmmm.
    My Frisco may get an Erie-Built in the racehorse scheme.
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    I agree - a "Racehorse" PA would be a clear winner. The best looking diesel locomotive combined with one of the best, and most unique, looking paint schemes. Hmmm. Wonder if I can still get an undec P2K PA1? I do have two GM&O's, but they look pretty good too.

    I think the Racehorse scheme on an Erie-Built would look just fine. Go for it.

    I've had the proposed SLSF E8B sitting here for over five years. Time to get it finished! They really should have tried a few of those.

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    I like the idea. :cool:

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