Rolla/Newburg, 4/14/11

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    I was at a Chemical Engineering Academy meeting at Missouri S&T in Rolla the latter part of this week and had a chance to visit Newburg, one of my very favorite haunts, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, April 14.

    I was very pleased to see the restoration work that has been started in Newburg, in particular on the Houston House. I was able to meet two ladies who are among the movers and shakers on the HH project - Zelma and Linda. They were very kind and gave me a tour of the Houston House, which I very much enjoyed.

    Their group is very much in need of funds - if any in desire to support the restoration work in Newburg, one of the pics below has the organization's name and the address. Any contribution would be appreciated! I am sending them a bunch of Frisco materials to put on display in the HH, plus $25.

    See the attached pics - for some reason, they don't appear in the order I posted them, so here are the descriptions for each desc file name:

    6165: The Branch flowing under the SLSF Eastern Division main line. St Louis to the left, Springfield to the right.
    6166: The famous corner bar which spans the Branch, closed and for sale! What's with that, Newburg! Anyone interested?
    6167: The Houston House. Note the restoration in progess
    6168: Ditto 6167
    6169: The Lyric Theatre, also with its window and door trim spruced up
    6170: The town hotel. Lookin' good!
    6171: A load of steel sitting trackside close to where the Newburg depot was. Wonder what this is for?
    6172: The Newburg restoration team details. Contributions welcomed.
    6175: The fireplace in the Houston House. Last time I saw this was in late November, 1963! I'll tell the story if anyone is interested.
    6176: Ex-NEO cab SLSF 1111, still there, but getting worse quickly due to mother nature and vandals.
    6178: The reason for my trip.


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    That pile of steel was from a recent M.O.W. job that replaced worn trackage from Rolla to Bundy Jct. It was quite a sight when they were at work! It was so noisy that I had to shut my doors and windows up just to be able to hear myself think. Those machines were LOUD! Thanks for posting.
  3. Why a Rock Island train on the mantle? Shouldn't it be a Orange & White SD45 and O&W caboose.
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    They are making do with what they have. I'm sure they would love to have someone donate a Frisco locomotive and caboose for their fireplace mantle.


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