Rogers, AR, Ft. Smith Subdivision, 332.7, Ft. Smith Subdivision, Bentonville Branch, MP 332.6

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  1. Does anyone have photos of the inside of the Rogers, Arkansas depot? I assume that not all depots were unique, and that perhaps the Rogers depot was like another somewhere else on the line. If no one has photos of the inside of the Rogers, Arkansas depot, do you have photos of the inside of a "like" Frisco depot?

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but, the Bank of Seligman MO, carries a book called "Looking back over The First Century of Seligman Missouri 1881-1981", which has a picture of the interior of the 1909 FRISCO depot in Seligman.

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    Does anyone have an employee timetable or some other document that would say whether Rogers had a turntable or wye in the era 1906-1915?

    The Arkansas, Oklahoma and Western (later named the Kansas City and Memphis RR) had an enginehouse in Rogers, but the Sanborn map shows it is served by a switch ladder and not a turntable. If the Frisco had a wye or turntable I would assume the AO&W used it to turn their locomotives. If Frisco did not, I have no idea how the AO&W turned locomotives.
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    The 1907 Station List does not show a turntable, but a 1914 ETT does note a wye.
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    Thank you, Karl. Most helpful.

    I found the 1907 station list on this site, but is the ETT available online somewhere, as well?
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    Thanks so much.

    I thought I had seen those once before, but I couldn't remember where.
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    As you use or navigate the site more, you will see the level of organization of information that has been created over time.

    Our biggest challenge is to get people, that have the drawings, timetables, or other materials, to get them scanned and posted or give or loan them to us so we can scan them and post them. Such materials sitting in boxes in basements or garages are not able to be appreciated or provided for use in learning about the Frisco. The real tragedy is that if something happens to an individual that is holding such information, most times family members (spouses, adult children0 do not recognize the importance of those historical documents and they will get thrown in the trash.
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