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    My wife and I moved to Rule, TX, about four months ago. We have been busy working on the property, but today took the afternoon after church to drive around west central TX and see some of the ranch and railroad history.

    We stopped in Roaring Springs and spent a few minutes walking around the QA&P depot. Photos have been posted on this site in the past, but I don't remember how recently. The depot appears to be in fairly good condition. From looking in some of the windows, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of railroad history inside--mostly photos of high school graduating classes, etc., from the local area (at least that's what the photos looked like from outside of the building).

    The property is being maintained--the grass had just been mown, the building was clean, etc. There were two historical plaques on the west side, so photos of those are uploaded. The photos of what appears to be a gravel road are shots of the old right of way.

    Paul Moore

    Roaring Springs depot 2.JPG Roaring Springs depot 3.JPG Roaring Springs depot 4.JPG Roaring Springs depot 5.JPG Roaring Springs depot 9.JPG Roaring Springs depot 8.JPG
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    Nice station, Paul.
    Neat historical plaques; It's nice to see things that are taken care of by the locals.
    OAN - been wondering when we would hear from you?
    Glad to hear that things are progressing.
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    Hi Sherrel,

    Great to hear from you. We bought an older home on three acres and we have quite a bit of work to do. The property has about 40 pecan trees, so that will require some effort, as well. Fortunately, my wife loves the orchard and has sort of adopted it!

    At some point in time I hope to have a layout, but that's pretty far down the priority list. That's ok. We're having fun, working pretty hard, but pacing ourselves and doing some fun things, too. History is a big deal to me, so I hope to delve into the railroad and ranching history of this area. The QA&P ran just north of where we live and we will make several "field trips" to the Paducah depot museum and the one at Quanah. The Orient Line ran right through the town we live in, so I will also do some research on that.

    Talk to you guys later,


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