River Division Junctions and Crossings - 1940

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    List of River Division Junctions and Crossings (from Employee Timetable 31B, 4.14.1940)


    Railroad - Location-MP-Protection
    Eastern Division-SE Jct.-7.3-Interlocking
    PPG Crossing-Crystal City-40.0-Gate
    Missouri & Illinois-Ste. Genevieve-63.2-Interlocking
    Missouri Pacific-Cape Girardeau-132.7-Interlocking
    Hoxie Subdivision-Nash, MO-139.2-N/A
    SSW-Rockview, MO-141.7-Interlocking


    Missouri Pacific-Oran, MO-149.9-Interlocking
    Leachville Subdivision-Brooks Jct., MO-154.9-N/A
    Missouri Pacific-Sikeston-159.8-Interlocking
    SSW-Lilbourn, MO-186.1-Gate
    SSW-Blazer, MO-216.4-Gate
    Jonesboro Subdivision-Blytheville, AR-237.3-Gate
    Jonesboro Subdivision-Evadale Jct., AR-266.8-Gate
    Southern DivisionT-urrell, AR-Interlocking


    Missouri Pacific-Morehouse, MO-173.1-N/A
    SSW-Parma, MO-192.3-Gate
    SSW-Arbyrd, MO-244.3-Gate

    LEACHVILLE SUBDIVISION - Caruthersville Branch

    SSW-Bragg City, MO-222.5-Interlocking
    Chaffee Subdivision-Hayti, MO-212.6-Gate
    SSW-Caruthersville, MO-220.8-Gate


    SSW-Campbell, MO-217.2-Gate


    SSW-Malden, MO-216.9-Gate



    Missouri Pacific-Poplar Jct., MO-195.0-Interlocking
    SSW-Piggott Jct.-227.8-Interlocking


    Chaffee Subdivision-Blytheville, AR-237.4-Gate
    SSW-Leachville, AR-261.7-Station


    Chaffee Subdivision-Wilson-264.0-Gate

    Notes: Turrell, AR = MP 283.3 on the River Division.
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    Folks -
    Trying to do some cleanup of links and what-not; realized that the formatting and location of the aforementioned was a bit off-kilter.

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    There was a crossing at Horine MO on the River Division.
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    Pat, thanks for the note. Interestingly, I cannot find crossing/junction information for Horine in either the 1925, 1940 or 1952 public timetables. I do see a connection track to the MoP in the 1979 track profile that Karl Brand shared here:

    Track Profile (Track Chart) for River Division

    See the p6sm.jpg file.

    I wonder if this junction was added post-1952? I can't locate it on a Google Map satellite view.

    I do see a MoP overpass on this same profile at MP 36, a smidge north of Ludwig.

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    It was there pretty early on. I'm not sure when it was removed.

    If you go to the following page and scroll down to the last image, you'll see it. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mojchs/HistoricalPostcards/Horine.htm
    It also shows up on a 1915 Quad.

    I thought I had a link to another picture of it, but at the moment I can't find it.
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    Karl on one of your post there are several profile maps and was wondering what the small number between T12 and T13 means? It says 42. Also between T13 and T14 the number is 40, between T14 and T15 the number is 43. Are the T numbers mile markers? I hope my questions make sense.


    C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_p2sm(1).jpg
  7. Karl

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    With the exception of its original mainline, St Louis to Paris, the Frisco assigned an alpha-prefix to its lines, e.g., KC-B'ham was the C-line, the Clinton Sub was the D-Line, Southeastern Jct to Turrell was the T-line, and so on. It gave every station a unique number, e.g., T144=Chaffee. You are correct, T-12 and T-13 are mile posts, and the number between them indicates the number of poles per mile.
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    Thank you Karl for clearing that up. Your knowledge on all things railroad and numerous other things is greatly appreciated!

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    There was no grade crossing at Horine, the Frisco passed over the Mop on an overpass. There was a connection track a mile or so north of this overpass between the two railroads....this was just south of Front St. in Horine. Throughout the 1960's, the Mop moved fly ash from the power plant at Hillcrest to this connection, for Frisco delivery to the cement plant at Selma.

    Ted Ferkenhoff
    Flagstaff, AZ
  10. pathowe

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    Thanks Ted. I misspoke(mistyped) when I posted "crossing" above.

    Would the power plant at Hillcrest be what I know as the Meremac plant in extreme south St. Louis county right at the Mississippi and Meremac rivers?
  11. tferk

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    Yes, the plant at Hillcrest on the Mop was the Meremac plant.
  12. pathowe

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    THanks Ted!

    I seem to remember seeing a quad or a map showing a siding on the Frisco south of Horine and just before Joachim Creek. Do you know if it was actually there?

    I was also wondering if the MP would ever deliver the fly ash to River Cement. I know the MP had track rights from Crystal down to Ste. Gen along the Frisco, but I don't know if they could hit any of the industries along the way?
  13. tferk

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    Pat - MP's trackage rights between Crystal City and Ste Gen were a result of Missouri-Illinois abandoning their car ferry at St Gen in favor of running the long way via St Louis. MP did not get to serve any industries on the Frisco. By the 1960's, the M-I train out of St Gen just made a turn to Riverside, and cars were moved further via an MP local train.

    I am not familiar with the siding on the Frisco south of Horine.

    Ted Ferkenhoff
    Flagstaff, AZ

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