Riding the Highline 1950

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    On the rear of Tr. 20 this day we had a business car. My best guess is it is #5 but others may overrule me on this. Other reading here on Frisco.org has shown that often there were cars of chicks to be picked up at Clinton which seems to be the case today with at least one extra car ahead of the baggage.
    The business car attendant is taking a break and observing the goings on.
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    Here is a much better photo of the interior of a coach used on these trains. A branch line this may be but the crew is attired in full dress uniform worthy of the finest Frisco has to offer.
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    As the last offering I include two passes from the KCC&S, "Leaky Roof". My grandfather on dads side was a claim agent for the M-K-T and these were routinely
    issued to allow claims representatives to travel on company business. Dad obtained these along with probably 30-40 others which I still have. As you may be able to tell, I made the classic error of placing these in a scrap-book with pages that had a sticky glue that did a terrific job of holding whatever was so unfortunate to be placed thereupon. I'm told that professionals can salvage them. Someday.

    When I first started working on putting this collection together with the idea of sharing it with somebody, anybody?, I had grown up believing that the tracks we rode over on that trip were of the former KCC&S. After doing just a little reading I found that was not exactly the case. Yes, there were parts of our route that were ex-Leaky Roof but for the most part the tracks were former Kansas City, Osceola & Southern and probably a few others thrown in for good measure.

    It has been a fun and educational experience for me and I hope folks here at Frisco.org can appreciate what it was like to ride the Highline back in the day.

    Charlie Wherry
  4. So there were two back-up's required to get over the road. Any more? Thanks Karl.
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    What a great story Charles and everyone. Makes me wonder how many similar stories are out there.
    This is priceless!!!
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    With regard to passenger train operation, that is correct. Two reverse moves at Clinton and Deepwater were required. For freight operations, things were a bit more interesting. Remnants of the Leaky Roof existed at Belton, Harrisonville, and South Clinton, so freight crews still switched the industries, which were located on these segments. After the Katy abandoned its Holden Sub during 1958-59, the Frisco switched the former MKT tracks at Harrisonville and East Lynne.

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    I can't tell you how much that I have enjoyed the images and story of your trip over the Highline. There are several members of this group that are devotees of the Highline and Leaky Roof; we are drooling.

    The Clinton Sub was one of the last to be dieselized, and it was the haunt of the 1100's and 182's class locomotives. The freight work was handled by the Bolsheviks (2-10-0's), which on occasion would work the passenger trains.

    Thanks much,
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    In this image and just behind the Chair Car one can see one of the the "Chick Cars", which is awaiting the arrival of number 20, which will take it to KC.
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    Thank you ever so much for the photos and "tour" of the highline. Of great interest was the Clinton yard shots and Clinton depot.
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  10. Thanks to all for your kind comments. I'm really happy that these photos have finally seen the light of day and can be useful for many purposes. When we take photos little do we realize that some seemingly obscure detail might be just what another person has been looking for. I'm just sorry that I don't have others of similar content that could be shared. Enjoy!

    Charlie Wherry
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    This is absolutely fantastic!! These images are priceless!! Thank you for posting.
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    In a few weeks, we will be driving to Olathe and we go through Clinton on, I think, Mo 52/13/7. Where will I cross the ROW for this former line? What about the "Leaky Roof"? Do we cross its ROW?
    I don't know anything about this geography - never been close to there.

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  13. Ken, if you're asking me for directions I'm sorry to say I can't help. Others on this site could be helpful though.
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    Whoa, talking about a roundabout way to get to Clinton, but yes. The old Rock Island line runs parallel to MO 52 from Eldon to a mile or so east of Cole Camp and cross it again in Windsor. In Windsor, MO 52 runs parallel, more or less and off and on, to the old KATY line.

    Once in Clinton, at the 52 & 13 interchange, go straight on Price Lane. Make a right on East Sedalia. In about a quarter of a mile, you'll go over the old Katy line. In another quarter of mile you'll cross over the Highline. From Google maps, it looks like it is active as track is there (albeit not original) and cars at Champion Products of in the distance. Turn right on 3rd Street and just before the intersection of 3rd & Chapins Lane, you'll be crossing the Highline again. Continue north on 3rd to 2nd, take 2nd north to MO 7. Turn left, and in about an eigth of a mile, you'll cross the Highline again. Probably be hard to see the old roadbed. The row of grain bins to the south parallel the old roadbed.

    If you continue west to US 71/I-49 and go north on 71/49, you'll cross the Highline again, just north of the intersection and run parallel to it after the road veers more west. You'll lose it again before Peculiar, but gain it back, past Peculiar, Remnants remain in Belton and houses the Belton Grandview & Kansas City Railroad.

    Have fun
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    "There are several members of this group that are devotees of the Highline and Leaky Roof; we are drooling."

    As Karl said, we devotees are drooling. Thank you for posting these great pics!
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    This series was an unexpected surprise. Thank you for posting it.
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    Yes, the route through Clinton is certainly an up, down and around route to get to KC (Olathe) from SW Florida. That is one of two routes the AAA has recommended, the other being to go to St Louis from Florida the good old way, then come over to Kansas via I-70. That (via StL) is longer by mileage, but slightly shorter by time, or so they say.
    I don't know which way we will go, either going up or coming back to Florida. Depends on the weather and how we are feeling when we reach the decision point.

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    Wonderful trip info. Is there some way in which you could compose this and that we could down load it in a file that could be printed and kept for enjoyment in the future.

    Thank you

    Tony LaLumia
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    What Karl said and Ted seconded! I am drooling too. Thanks for sharing your story and photos. I am a big fan and modeler of the High Line, born about two decades too late to enjoy what you experienced.

    My Granny Rush used to ride no. 21 from Blairstown to Clinton, shop for groceries, then board no. 20 for the trip back to Blairstown. She rode on my grandpa's pass.

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