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Discussion in 'NW2' started by geep07, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. geep07

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    I just received an undec. Broadway Limited NW2 runs and sounds great, now thinking to paint it b/y of course. Did all NW2 have rerailers on them, I notice on some photos they were not there. What detail part would be applicable?. I plan on numbering it #258 which is the railroad gothic style lettering!
  2. Friscotony

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    I have a slide of 258 taken Near the St. Louis Union Station and it is in its Gothic scheme. It does indeed have a derailer and in this shot, it is located on the firemans side and hanging off the frame above the truck oof the cab.

  3. rayw

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  4. geep07

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    I am making an assumption here, would there be 2 rerailers on the loco, one on each side?
  5. wmrx

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    Yes, a pair of rerailing frogs is required. Some types have two identical frogs, others have an inside and an outside frog.
  6. geep07

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    The Thread submitted by Friscotony, the rerailer is located above the truck on the fireman side of cab, would the other be located on the opposite side of the cab or opposite front side above the trucks?

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