Rebuilding the Iantha Branch, again.

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    Hey Ethan,

    I do like the MR plan. It would be difficult to use the staging yard without the lift bridge.

    Of your plans, I think it is generally preferable to avoid the operator being separated from their train by the peninsula, so unless just used for continuous run, or if you added tracks behind a backdrop for staging at the top, the second dog bone design would be better from the operator perspective. I don't know this part of the line well, but if there is/are places for interchanges with other railroads, you might add to improve the operations. Maybe MKT near Fort Scott?

    You might consider a design where the two yards connect at the top end a little further inward, and have a long return track with a backdrop/hlls hiding the staging, maybe at the top, or double track the return loops, hide them with trees/landscape and use them for staging.

    Anyhow, see you Wednesday. Maybe we can make this an agenda item for our breakfast.

    -Bob T.
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    And in my experience (I don't have one) with friends who do have helixes is that if they are not absolutely perfect, they will be nothing but large headaches that are very difficult to maintain (to say nothing of trying to reach into one to retrieve derailed equipment).

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    Yeah, having the train out of sight part of the time is less than ideal, but it was necessary to get the larger staging yard into the plan. I do need to keep looking at it on the track planner. I don't plan on doing any scenery at this time, as I'm 1.5-2 years away from moving again.

    So in my "era" (79-80, though I'm not very strict with it) there would be an interchange with the MKT at Ft. Scott, although I doubt there were many cars exchanged there by this era. The MP had abandoned all of their lines into town by this time, the Frisco picked up their industry trackage though. Beyond that, there were MP connections at Liberal, Lamar and Springfield. I had considered interchanged in these designs, but couldn't fit them in very well. The main way traffic will enter/leave the layout is to "interchange" with Frisco yards beyond Ft. Scott and Springfield via the staging yard. Most of my other plans I've drawn up, I do have the MP in Lamar, but I didn't quite have space for it this time.

    I'll be interested to pick your brain on it some more this week.
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    And that is the exact lesson I learned last winter.
  5. Ethan, John Peluso has a very smooth helix. Maybe he will offer some tips if you do have to go that route.
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    I went down this route last winter, and don't intend to go back to a helix
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    Went back and looked at the plan again tonight and made some revisions. In this version, I shrunk the yards for Ft. Scott and Springfield, and flipped them over to the near side. By doing this I was able to add 2 longer staging tracks behind each yard to accommodate traffic to/from each yard. I had room for an additional track, but left it out for now in favor of leaving room for some sort of barrier between yards. The far back wall of the layout has a long passing track, I'm thinking I can use it as a holding track for some sort of run through like the NWF/FSE. since I got rid of the passing track between Lamar and Springfield, I found room to add the MP interchange that was suggested.

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    True That! HOWEVER, The design and construction of any helix depends an several factors. Radius, slope (% of grade) materials, environment, research, etc. Prior to constructing my helix I spent a great deal of time in research on helix construction and weigh the pros and cons. The final result for my helix is it is very stable and reliable and have no incidents with it . The only time was a coupler malfunction and had a runaway train of a few cars that made their way down the helix at a good clip of speed without derailing.
    If you have to have a helix and don't want to engage in the effort to build one, there are company's that can provide you with a pre-made helix to fit your requirements.

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    Made a couple more tweaks today to include an MKT interchange at Ft. Scott (Thanks to Bob T for the idea). Not sure how much traffic was interchanged here by 1980, but I can use it as a spot to change out a couple cars if I want to. This plan looks a little more crowded than the last. There is room for an additional staging track, but if I include it there isn't much if any room for a divider of some sort.

    Also, I made a 4th version that changes up the right side of the peninsula. Instead of the two coal mines condensed into "Arcadia" I have the MP Pittsburg Sub crossing and the Lipscomb Elevator at Liberal, and the MFA Fertilizer plan at Iantha. Haven't decided between the two versions yet.

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