"Real" Frisco Paint Scheme?

Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by TAG1014, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Hi Folks--Ran across this picture of an HO boxcar on Kadee's website. Is this a reai Frisco paint scheme? I've seen car tops blackened with engine exhaust, but I haven't ever seen a Frisco car with black top and ends. What do the freight car gurus have to say?


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    If Im not mistaken, Most manufacturers try to follow prototype pictures and diagrams to paint their cars. An interesting story I was told along time ago. My friend Don visited the Springfield Engine Shop once and while he was there he asked one of the locomotive maintenance guys how they touch up their engines and the guy took him to a cabinet that was filled with spray cans of Chevy Orange automotive paint. The FRISCO O/W paint scheme on the engines were actually the way the EMD Demonstrators came so to simplify things, they had EMD, a division of General Motors, who also make the Chevrolet, slapped FRISCO on the side, and deliver em to the SL-SF. I thought that was pretty neat to know, made finding paint to paint my first engines, easier too, they were a bit rough but they said FRISCO and had a prototype number on em. I've gotten better at painting, decaling, and outright modeling since then, I found patience to be one heck of a virtue.

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