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  1. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    After looking at another forum I am thinking we need a venue to show random shots from our respective layouts, clubs, test track, work bench or what have you. Frisco or any of it predecessors, locos, cars, buildings, vehicles, run thru power, scenery or not, what ever, as long as it has a Frisco based theme, based on the past present or future, should be OK. Scenery or not, a 36" circle is all good or a 6" test track or club layout is good too. The point is, lets see your stuff, let folks enjoy your efforts, it has been my experience that you are generally better than you give yourself credit.
    Here we go!

    Ken Wulfert will recognize this Frisco NW2 loco spotting up this boxcar and pulling some scrap loads. Thanks Ken, I really enjoy this Brass loco from you.
    camera 148.jpg camera 151.jpg
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  2. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    That is SO cool. That scrap metal pile and chain link fence looks absolutely real as well as all the weathering. A+
  3. cthart

    cthart Member

    When I first opened this thread I briefly thought the thumbnails were prototype shots -- despite the subject title! I briefly thought they were "prototype inspiration". Only when I viewed the full sized images did I see that they were really models.

    Great work Tom!
  4. HWB

    HWB FRISCO.org Supporter

    I think that's a great idea. I get much enjoyment out of railfaning the Avard Sub and like to share the fruits of my labor. I'm all in.

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  5. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Tom - Glad to see the old girl still has steady employment! We talked once about repowering it, did you do that yet or is it still powered by the stock motor?

  6. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    That is a nice scene. Very realistic. Guess you know, that Gondola is going to need to stay on line, greed does it. Overloaded ! I see a big car hire bill coming. Foreign road, get out your pocket book.William Jackson
  7. geep07

    geep07 Member

    011.JPG 014.JPG 015.JPG 017.JPG
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  8. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    John, nice. like the rocks. That could be lots of places on the Frisco
    William Jackson

  9. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    I agree. You've got it down pat. Scenery, track work, weathering, bridge. It's all there and well photographed as well. All these pics are good. Lets see some from our reluctant members.
  10. w3hodoug

    w3hodoug 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

  11. SteveM

    SteveM Member Frisco.org Supporter

    First revenue run over the new main from Poteau, OK to Fort Smith was made Saturday by none other than Rick McClellan. We see it leaving south staging (Poteau-Paris) then entering Fort Smith from the south, then just past SF Junction. Bob Thompson prepares the yard for its arrival, with Jim Senese in the background. Great to have this many Frisco folks on hand for a day's work on the Central Divisions.
    DSC_0476[1].JPG DSC_0478[1].JPG DSC_0481[1].JPG DSC_0480[1].JPG Thumbnails not intended to load; another view with Jim beyond and the MOP crew working the Arkansas Central job.

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  12. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    This some great stuff guys, it is always good to see people from the Frisco Nation enjoying the fruits of their labor.

    We have a bunch of very good modelers and builders on this site.

    And yes Sir William that flat bottom Gondola maybe overloaded, but maybe some metal will fall off enroute or hit a High/Wide or drag detector huh?

    Please keep the pictures coming thanks to all for posting.
  13. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Steve M
    Is that Homasote you laying track on there? We can hardly find it here in 4X8 sheets, did you get it at home Despot or Lowe's?
  14. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    A little progressWilliam Jackson

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  15. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Nice, Bill. I like the scenery, backdrop and the lighted signals. Good job.
  16. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Steve, it looks as though you could keep a full crew busy on your layout. Big time model railroading. Must be a fortune in track alone. I like the sky blue walls.
  17. Steamnut

    Steamnut cinder sniffer

    Here's 1060 simmering at our version of Tower 21 waiting on the MKT passenger train. We were having an operation meet that day and the passenger train was, of course, late. Maybe if the "Meteor" was running instead of the "Flyer" we'd have been on time. |-|:D

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  18. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Here is one more, hope this is ok with the thread, but I have been somewhat stumped for a while on the best way to make a road on here. I put two cars so you can see the road. It is 1/4 foam board and curves around behind the hill in the back. I plan to cross just past the diamond into town by the gas station.

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  19. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Looks like you have been busy Bill it looks great! I have some signaling coming but am kind of intimidated to start it. Need a signal maintainer to get me going.
  20. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    That is a great scene there, I spend a lot of time waiting on that miserable passenger thing myself, (not a Frisco passenger train for sure) it wouldn't be so bad if a little dispatching was going on for us though.


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