Questions About Road Power on Wichita Sub in The '60's and '70's

Discussion in 'Wichita Subdivision' started by railroadpete, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Does anyone here know what kind of road power was used Monet - Witchita on the '60's and '70's? I saw in an older post that six axle road power wasn't used after an SD45(?) derailed on that line. Does anyone here know about what year that happened?

    Also, other than the obvious GP7's and GP38's, were any GP35's, U30B's, B30-7's, MP15DC's, or U25B's used through there very often?

    When it comes to the earlier era of the '50's and '60's, were Alcos used Monet - Wichita very often? RS2's, RS1's, or FA's? Baldwin VO1000's?

    The reason I asking is because I've decided to model Carthage, MO in multiple time periods.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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    In addition to you listing, there were also some of the GP40's, GP15s out here. There were never to my knowledge any of the MP's. There were also some of the F a & b units used. In the earyly 70's, a very common consist was a GP7, F unit and another GP7. The local yard switcher for years was NW2 #261 in 2 B/Y versions and in the O/W. High nose Boats also made it out here. GP15 #102 was the relief for #261. In regard to Alcos, I don't know anything about any of them.

    Hope this helps

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    I can help eliminate one thing, the MP15DC's. From what I've ready they spent most of their life down in the South East part of the system.


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