Question about soldering earlier caboose Oriental Brass

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    I have gotten myself into a fairly miserable situation. I bought a Frisco brass caboose, with the en-accurate ladder tops, only thing is, one of the roof walks is at least a scale foot off center. Thinking about removing the roof walks and ladders altogether.
    I have 250 watt soldering station but. What kind of soldering paste did they use? What do I need to get that would be compatable. Silver solder isn't working.
    Any help or advise is welcomed.
  2. Been there - Brass is and can be tricky to solder. Silver solder really doesn't work well for soldering brass - is only really good for electrical use. Use a 50/50 tin-lead solder instead- is good and strong, and a separate non corrosive acid flux paste, but not a flux combined within solder for best results. I use Rectorseal Nokorode.
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    Thanks Karl,
    Thanks for your input, you have done a great job of explaining the obvious. My question was and still is; What was the early Oriental brass soldier make up, or what can be used to repair same?
    I am asking that of folks that have actually worked on early Oriental brass, ( ie, cabooses, locomotives, cars ect.)
    Don Wirth you still out there?

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