Quanah, Texas Station

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    :) Quanah, Texas Station - old postcard

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    Here is a postcard showing an oil mill (Cotton Seed Oil?) at Quanah, TX

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    Thanks for posting!
    Always great to see more photos of the QA&P
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    Please see the following link for a front street view of the Quanah, TX depot.


    The depot faces southwest, with track side to the northeast (right). Railroad west is to the rear of the building in this view.

    The depot address is 102 Mercer Street. The depot is now home to the Quanah Acme and Pacific Depot Museum.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thank you to Paul for posting the postcard view of the Frisco depot in Quanah.

    His first post for this thread includes an early postcard view of the Frisco depot in Quanah. At one time each of the 3 railroads in Quanah, the SLSF, FWD and QAP, had their own depot.

    The approximate address of the Frisco's depot was in the 350 block of McClelland Street. This depot was on the west side of the tracks between 3rd and 4th streets.

    The Frisco as it came into town from from the north northeast after crossing the Red River from Oklahoma. It crossed the Fort Worth and Denver (FWD) through a wye and continued south southwest to a small stub end yard along McClelland Street that ended near 10th street.

    The QA&P main track paralleled the FW&D tracks between Front and 2nd Streets and joined the Frisco tracks on a sweeping right hand curve at the FW&D crossing. The QA&P depot was 5 blocks to the west.

    This depot and trackage was later removed and the Quanah, Acme and Pacific (QAP) depot became the main Frisco system station in town.

    Hope this helps.


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    Appeared today on social media. QAnP Depot - Quanah TX.jpg
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