QA&P "proto-lancing"

Discussion in 'General' started by Robleese, Apr 11, 2017.

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    Nice looking work! Good to see another dimension of scale! Love those tank cars.
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    Heard a lot of stories about Clyde King, Hodo, WO Lucas and others. My Grandpa was on a double header coming back towards Quanah, They were stopped at Paducah just west of the HWY 83 crossing, he got the "highball" I didnt know what he meant when I was a kid. He said before he let go of the whistle rope WOL had him shoved across the highway and was headed at a high rate of speed towards Quanah.
    It must have been nice to work without cameras looking at you from every, and I mean every angle of the job, awfully hard to have any fun on the job sometimes.
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    It was!

    At times it was "Yee haw... ride'em cowboy!"

    At other times it was "Oh SH*T!!! I hope I don't tear something up!!!"


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    Got that right Andre.

    What I should have said is it was nice to work without cameras everywhere.

    When I was riding running and working on these trains in the early 90's, we didn't have no stinking cameras. It was a lot more fun to run an engine back then.
    It's really only been the last 4-5 years things have gotten so bad.
  5. The construction world has gone the exact same way.
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    The airlines went that way 24 years ago!
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    Thats why you got paid the big $$$ LOL. Not really, but that's what they will tell you/us right?
    I used to enjoy running a engine (train) on speed, all the time, there are several places it goes from 60 mph to 30 mph, as with many territories. With this PTC if you aren't in dynamics heavy, or setting air by a certain point the PTC will put you in suppression and basically stop the train. I mean, they don't want anyone running their train outside the lines whether it makes sense or not. Back to the 60 to 30 track, I set a minimum, waited for a grab then went to a 10lb set, the train would squat, then I kick the set off at 35 go back into power mid way thru the curve, whole thing from 10lb set to release at 30mph, nary a run in or out, smooth as silk. Can't do that anymore.
    Going for removing the human element, at all costs.
    Another reason I protolance model the QA&P, before all this madness was even conceived.
  8. My entire day I am thinking "just let me do the freaking job you hired me to do!!"""AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

    Instead it is filling out checklist to make sure we filled out forms that are just to cover someones rear. Now the COVID-19 scare adds to it. We start our morning with a questionnaire about our exposure to other people and our temperature. Each employee has to have temperature checked or sign that they have done it themselves. But too "essential" to quarantine still.
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    ...and here's the latest:
    IMG_E2910.JPG IMG_E2912.JPG IMG_E2914.JPG
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    I appreciate these insights, the "inside baseball" of the art of handling so much power and steel. (Ok, I may have mixed my metaphors, but you get my meaning.)

    Much respect.
  11. great looking car!
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    Thanks Craig, and all. I had many great teachers during my tour of duty. One of the greats told me "kid, you use them air brakes, before you need them, and you won't get in trouble". OK, now, that might not make sense to some, but, if you have ever been on a train when you wish you would have set the air waay before you did, it will make sense. And by that I mean, when your conductor and his helper, have to pry the seat cushion from most delicate region of your person, well then you know what I am referring to.
    Reason is. Some folks make a mistake operating their chosen appliances of profession and maybe make the second page of a local news paper. There is nothing like the concern of a mistake being on CNN and other news for a few days, concerning your appliance application failures that carry all kinds of debacles for generations. No pressure there.
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    "kid, you use them air brakes, before you need them, and you won't get in trouble".

    Oh yeah, makes all kinds of sense. Been there, done that. Got the T shirt and had the soiled briefs to prove it.
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    Atlas PS1 undecorated boxcars became >>> IMG_3914.jpg IMG_3915.jpg IMG_3890.jpg IMG_3891.jpg IMG_3892.jpg IMG_3893.jpg
  15. Those look great! Nice job.

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