QA&P "proto-lancing"

Discussion in 'General' started by Robleese, Apr 11, 2017.

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    After learning how to print my own decals using a laser printer and decal paper, I have produced the following "what if ?" models in O scale: qap_autoparts1.jpg QAP_autopartsX.jpg qap_autopoarts2.jpg QAP_FP45.jpg qap_mech1.jpg qap_mech2.jpg qap_mech3.jpg QAP_tofc1.jpg qap4.jpg

    I also did a 5 car series of 50' plug door boxcars with the GARX reporting marks (in the 6th photo). The GARX cars are not exact replicas of the fleet QA&P leased, but hey...
    One of them was donated to the RR museum in Quanah.
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    I'm liking me some QA&P stuff O scale, HO, what if or not, about all of my QA&P stuff is what if, but try to base it on common practice the mother road applied. I especially like your first image of the cushion car.
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    Those are great. I always enjoy Tom's "what if" QA&P models. Neat seeing someone else take it on too.
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    Very nice!


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