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Discussion in 'SW9' started by trainchaser007, Apr 25, 2014.

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    I want an SW9 but I can get an SW7 for much less. I have looked at the diagrams and photos for each. I haven't found any visible differences in their appearances except for maybe the exhaust stacks. If anyone knows why I shouldn't model an SW7 as an SW9, please reply soon. Thanks. - Brandon
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    Brandon -

    Both the SW7 and the SW9 were 1200HP 567's, up from the 1000HP NW2's that came before them. There were some body differences between the SW7 and SW9:
    - The SW7 had a row of three louvers that ran above the FRISCO lettering on the side of the hood; the SW9's louvers were all below the FRISCO lettering.
    - As delivered, the SW7's had a large single beam headlight. The SW9's came with a dual sealed beam Pyle headlight. Later on, some of the SW7's were fitted with this headlight as well.
    - The SW7's did not have MU capability. The SW9's did, except for the last one, SLSF 314.
    - The buyer had a choice of stack types. As far as I know, the Frisco opted for the same conical stack on both the SW7's and SW9's.


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