Public Timetable, Frisco Interurbans--Joplin Mining District April 30, 1899

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    The tri-state mining district was really getting up and going as reflected in the Frisco's daily schedule of 50+ interurban daily passenger trains serving the area dated April 30, 1899. These trains were in addition to the other regularly scheduled passenger trains serving Wichita, Springfield, etc. Also meeting the transporation needs of the miners were the electric lines of the Joplin-Pittsburg and Southwest Missouri Electric Railway's. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, TX

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    Neat stuff, thanks for posting. Pretty sure this is something new to all of us Joplin area amateur rail historians. We all know of the streetcars and interurban companies but I have never heard mention of Frisco interurban or commuter service.

    Dale Rush
    Carthage, MO
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    Can you tell us more about the "wagonettes" that are mentioned at certain depots? Did they shuffle folks between depots of other railroads?
    This looks like the germ of another great clinic session.
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    These are approx. 1/4 mile SE of the intersection of Newman Rd and Prosperity RD (1/4 mile west on Newman looking south) outside of Duenweg, MO. Possibly ex Mopac or Southwest Missouri Electric? Photos taken 2010.

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    According to SPV's Comprehensive Railroad Atlas, that is part of an abandoned MoP line to Duenweg. As of 2020, the water tower is gone.
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    The SPV map is wrong, those were the Frisco's ex-KCFS&M tracks that branched off at Prosperity Jct...The MP branches into Dueneg are not shown, only the MP branch from Webb City to Granby was included... Roger
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