proto 2000 NOT gear issue question

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    Thanks, Robert. I see them.

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    You need to remove the fuel tank:
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    I just bought off Ebay a A-B set of Frisco Alco FA-1's, took them out of the box, took off the gear covers on both engines---lo and behold---ALL eight gears were cracked.
    I had a junker engine in the drawer, used those wheels on the A unit, it runs fine.
    ( have to clean the grease off of everything).
    I've had to order some Athearn wheel sets for the B unit.
    I also placed a decoder and speaker in the A unit---the Alco 244 engine sound of course.
    You may have to replace the gears in the wheel set to get everything to mesh, but they will be worth it.
    The one thing I did find, DO NOT tighten the screws on the weight firmly. AND leave the screws on the shell just tight enough to keep it set in place. I had problems with both, fixed 'em, it runs great.
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    Question - What are the best sources to get the axle gears to replace those that have cracked? I have one of my Frisco FA1's that has at least one gear cracked.

    Some time back, when I actually had a lot of locomotives (sigh!), I had several PRR GP7, GP9, GP18, SD7 and SD9 models, plus the EMD GP20 demonstrator. I had them all detailed up and they looked great. But, almost every one of these eventually had one or more axle gear cracks. I had to get replacements from Athearn, and they worked fine but cost a fortune as I recall. I think I only have a couple left. Where's the best place to order more?

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    I get mine from Spring Creek Model Trains in Nebraska!
    Part#40028 6 wheels per/pk. I just received some at $12 /pk.
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    Ken, the Athearn 60024 SD40-2 axle gears are the best match. Before pressing the axles into them, I ream them with a #42 drill bit to relieve some of the stress that is placed on the gear due to the difference in axle diameter and inner diameter of the gear.

    Best overall price:
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    Thanks guys.

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