proto 2000 52' 6" drop end gondola

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    Hi everyone
    The last train meet I was at I picked up a four pack of proto 2000 mill gon decorated for the frisco. They are painted black and are in the 61000 series. The questin that I have is are these cars accurate and does anyone have any prototype pics that they would post, there are a few choices in the end doors and I would like to know which style the frisco used.
    Thank you! Craig
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    The Proto car is reasonably accurate, black was the first paint scheme, however the Frisco cars were built by Pullman Standard and the drop ends were a PS design which is not included in the kit.

  3. renapper (Richard Napper RIP 3/8/2013)

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    Here is the prototype photo from the Frisco Files.

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    Bob - Adding to what Nick and Richard have already posted, yes, the P2K Frisco gons are excellent models. Yes, the PS drop ends differ from the ones in the kit - the ribs are "rounder" in the kit, but otherwise, very close to the Frisco cars.

    Do you have the car diagram? I could post them for the full series if not. Barber S-2 trucks.

    I also recall an article on these cars in the FMIG newsletters, in the "CMS" series that Charlie Dischinger did as I recall.


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