Pre-1920 Frisco (and Predecessors) Caboose Photos

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    I am working to collect images of Frisco (and predecessor) caboose images. There are a few of these scattered around this site and others. This would be of historical interest as well as information for modelers. The primary sources of manufactured models and kits seem to be the AMB 3-window caboose kit (ca.1938 and after), and a couple of Hallmark models. I know that Jim has created (scratch-built) a model of 777 from the late 1800s. I am attempting to do something similar, drawing on existing models as a starting point. Below will be a few posts and the sources that I have.
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    Here is an image of Frisco 217, posted by Richard Crabtree on the Springfield MO Historical Group's FaceBook page:


    Accompanied by the note:

    This is a wonderful photo that Mary Stahl had of her Grandfather (the one in the middle) here in Springfield, Missouri at the Frisco North Yards ~ just north of Historic C-Street in the early to mid 1890's.

    The Photographers were Wickiser & Morgan at 1634 Benton Ave. Mr. Morgan would take a lot of early Frisco photo in N. Springfield.

    The caboose history is as follows:

    The 217 was one of the 209-314 series cabooses, which were built between 1880 and 1888. Given its position in the series, we might assume it was built very early during the decade. It was 29'-1" over the end sills and it was 9'-4.25" wide over the platforms. It weighed 26,900lbs. The coonskin style places the date circa 1892-1897 - (Historical note was from Karl Brand)
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    Here is a diagram of 348, posted in a 1946 modeling magazine of some sort. It accompanied the image of 217 above on FaceBook.

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    Here is a photo of Frisco Caboose 499, posted in Jim James' thread on the build of 777, provided by Ken Wulfert.

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    Photo of K.C. C. & S. Caboose #5, posted elsewhere on this site Frisco-Caboose-KCCandS-5.jpg .
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    St. Louis and North Arkansas Caboose Number "B" (Posted on this site by Hap Hall).

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    Frisco 777, courtesy of Jim James and his scratch building thread, and the Zalma Branch.

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    Neat pics!
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    I'm just shooting in the dark here --
    I can't remember where I got these last two photos (as well as the #777 that I provided JIM with)
    If I have already posted these , or someone else has... I ask the moderator to delete them?
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    480D9656-6D52-4CAD-B137-8C174D0AF14E.jpeg Now I know what to do with my Bachmann 4-4-0 (with dcc/sound)! Thanks Robert.
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    Knockout modeling and photo, JIM!
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    Chris Gobert shared this photo with me over the weekend and we are looking for assistance in identifying the caboose. It looks like a boxcar modification. I don't think that I have seen one with windows quite like this. Maybe part of a work train or transfer? Could be a nice model from a straight-up bash of a 34/36 ft boxcar.



    -Bob T.
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    Query: What color would this bobber caboose and the #111 that I have seen on these pages have been painted?

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