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    I am looking for diesel locomotive assignments for the 1970s (close to 1974). Did the Frisco produce such sheets showing location and engine numbers?
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  2. Karl

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    This is from John Grady, a friend of my dad, who worked many years for the Frisco as a telegrapher, dispatcher, and in the power assignment office. I need to get him to join this group.

    Here is something that he posted on Facebook:

    ”This is a picture of a worksheet that we kept every day of all GP-7's, #500-632. The sheet shows the engine number and a 2 letter location where the unit was assigned for regular maintenance and federal inspections. Example: On August 17, 1976 unit 500CY (Assigned to Cherokee Yard) was in SWR (Switcher) service and due an Annual inspection on 8/26. Then the 501CY was on train 4311 and due a Semi-annual on 9/4. This was updated every night on 3rd shift or anytime a unit changed it's service for movement to another location. This was BEFORE COMPUTERS to help in keeping up with where all the 432 Frisco locomotives were, when they were due any kind of inspection and how they were being used every day. At this time there were 80 GP-7's in the locomotive fleet”. ECFCF96E-C444-4FAD-AEEC-F3CC2781EA6D.jpeg
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    Thanks so much, Karl! This just what I am looking for. Can you get the rest of the report? Can I contact John Grady myself?
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    I too would like to see sheets for the rest of the roster if you have them.

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