Possible new Frisco lightweight passenger cars

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  1. Of course actually this does not have much to do with N scale, unless you are trying to duplicate a specific train consist. However, an interesting topic, so let's just continue it here. Attached is a pretty complete list of the disposition of Frisco streamlined cars as happened in 1960's-70's. I think this is from an article in the old Passenger Train Journal from 1980's. This lists all the cars--probably most ended up scrapped, like the cars that went east to serve in commuter service. The other list I have made of what cars survived into the 21st century. This list has been prepared with much help and input from Phil Gosney, a big Frisco and passenger train fan. Phil is from Memphis but lived most of his adult life in California, where he worked as a locomotive engineer for Amtrak and retired in the last couple years.
    Tony Marchiando

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  2. Hi Tony,
    I am amazed at how many are around some how.
    Neat !
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    the regal series 4-4-2 cars are no closer than the plan 4140 10-6 sleeper Railsmith used.

    Years ago, Des Plaines Hobbies commissioned M&R sides to do etched stainless steel car sides for most of the Frisco/Katy lightweight passenger cars. These are actually the most accurate cars for Frisco or Katy. They were sold as kits ( including the core kit ) by Des Plaines Hobbies, and later directly as sides from M&R.

    Des Plaines still lists some of the cars as in stock. Unfortunately thier search won’t let me link to the results, but just put Texas Special in as the keywords for the search.


    M&R is on hiatus, for how long the owner isn’t certain. The sides may be available from him again directly some day.

    The other option, which I have never seen in person, are the milled plastic sides from union station products. I have never tried any of these. https://unionstationproducts.com/st-louis-san-francisco/

    The problem with the car sides is that the core kits are no longer readily available.

    In the meantime, the Railsmith cars are the best stand ins we have, but make sure you order them. Lowell is pretty strict about limited production runs and not re-running models.

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    Lowell posted a photo of the MTL produced model of shadow lined baggage car 436. Other than the lack of roof vents, the model is visually close to the prototype photos.

    ( this link was posted before, but for reference: https://lowellsmith.net/product/frisco-baggage-436/ )

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    On his Facebook live event today, Lowell mentioned the SLSF 436 baggage cars started shipping.

    I think he said they were in the mail unless you also ordered the PRR “Swatara Rapids”. He will ship the two cars together once the “Swatara Rapids” cars arrive from MicroTrains.

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