Possible new Frisco lightweight passenger cars

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by pbender, May 27, 2018.

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    The layouts I run most of my passenger trains on are modular layouts, so the trains don’t always fit the scenery... that said, I personally enjoy the research aspect of recreating consists that are close to prototypically correct and making them better over time. To do that, I am looking at train consists for particular time periods and trying to match them as closely as possible without scratch building the car involved.

    For example, I have built a model of the PRR’s Penn-Texas that I have documented here:

    This is the PRR train that forwarded the Texas Special cars to/from NYC. I showed that consist to a PRR group and was told the train had too many substitute and stand-in cars.
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    My RPO arrived today.

    The flyer that came with the car mentioned that the observation would be available to order sometime in the next couple of weeks. As noted previously, Lowell is using the Kato Observation car from the Santa Fe Super Chief for these.

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    Paul, I'd love see a pic of one of your consists.
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    I'm jealous. I wish someone would come out with these cars in HO. I feel confident the available market would be larger and there would be no direct competition.

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    Me too. I bought a bunch of the Con-Cor Texas Special cars a few years, and while they are ok, they are old style plastic cars nowhere near the cars coming from Walthers and others the last few years. I was hoping WKW would pick the Texas Special or the Meteor as a name train to produce.
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    Excellent work on the train. I applaud the work you've put into it.

    Sheesh. PRR fans have that reputation. SPF

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