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  1. Hey guys by any chance at all, do any of you have any pictures of one of these in your photo stash? If so any chance you would share it. Thanks, Steve
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  2. gjslsffan

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    Talk about a "Spartan cab". Bet you could pop a wheelie with that.
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  3. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I've seen a few of those, generally to taxi trailers around the yard. Moving them from one spot to another. I suppose they was road worthy, I didn't see them on the road though. Maybe not enough weight to handle the load. I wouldn't want to be on a long grade, trying to stop with a lite tractor. Some of those may not have been licensed.
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  4. Coonskin

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    "Donkey". That's what I've heard those referred to. Most of them now have hydraulic fifth wheels. Used often to move/spot trailers within a large industry. Years ago railroads used them for loading unloading TOFC trailers at smaller TOFC locations.

  5. As you guys might have guessed I want to build a model of one of these.
    A few years ago I built a building for CSX at an intermodal yard that was full of these. They were not tagged for street use there. They called them toters or spotters. The ones they had used a sliding door on the back of the cab. I would prefer building a Frisco one of course. Hopefully some pictures will surface but I have my doubts. If not this will have to do. Thanks
  6. Oldguy

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    No photo here. It would help if someone knew the manufacturer of this terminal tractor unit. It very well could be an Ottawa, made in Ottawa KS. Another potential information source (a long shot at best) could be the American Truck Historical Society. They are in Kansas City North.
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  7. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Your best chance, is the "All Aboard" seems I remember seeing one in a old issue.
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  8. SLSF Freak

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    I tried to find pics of just that model truck, let alone a Frisco one, and it was pretty difficult. Best I could come up with is that it's a "White Freightliner" (now Freightliner) half cab from mid to late 60's. Just about everything I saw was three axles though, not two as shown in this pic - so this seems rare. But maybe that can help you fill in some missing details by checking out the half cab search results.

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  9. Thanks guys. I appreciate the ideas for sure. Bob I go to the ATHS site frequently for research. Great info there. This is a White but Ottawa makes the majority of them now days. Crane Carrier also mad a similar cab.
    Bill that's a good thought, I wish there was a simple way to go through them.
    Mike, you on the right track. I only have found pics of one other so far, it was on an auction site in Minnesota. It was not exactly the same body details, maybe the next version after this one? I would love to find even one more pic of the other side just to model it accurately . Maybe its out there. There were some similar on the link you shared.

    Thanks again guys, Steve
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  10. Sirfoldalot

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  11. Thanks Sherrel I will check it out.
  12. klrwhizkid

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    Steve, the thought occurred to me, are you looking for one of these burros with Frisco markings?
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  13. Keith, my plan is to build one in 1/25th scale and a 40’ trailer (pigs are beautiful??) to go behind it.
    So I don’t really need more than this to decorate one but I would love to find the other side and backside. If possible. Same body prototype is all I need. This one is kind of painted out like maybe it has been retired?
    Of course I’m not above fudging a little if I have too. Ha

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