Passenger Service to Baxter Springs KS

Discussion in 'Passenger Operations' started by shipit9, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Hello everyone:
    I am new to the website and could use some help. I am in the process of researching passenger service to Baxter Springs, KS. In particular I would be interested in a typical consist of the 1950's, frequency of stops, and any other information you could give me. I am wanting to create a "moment in time" or "time capsule" of a typical day in the 50's of a small Kansas town. I understand that service was cut back in 1958 and eliminated entirely in 1960 so anything before 1958 would be great. I am trying to help our local sesquecentennial committee with a "snapshot" of Baxter Springs, circa 1958 (prior to cutting back of service). All of you seem very helpful and very interesting. I look forward to future discussions.
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    I looked through my timetables, and the only Northern Division one I can find is from 1959, so that's not much help. It only shows a few trains stopping in Baxter springs, one a mail train.

    I'll keep looking, but maybe this bump will motivate someone else to do a little digging.

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