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    Spent some time working on a potential Parsons Sub-themed layout after enjoying the discussions about the Parsons Army Ammunition Plant. The track plan would be a point-to-point from Cherokee to Parsons and could be adopted to a 1940s-1960? time frame. I would plan on early diesel era and would not necessarily need a turntable.

    The layout was drawn with AnyRail and could be built as 5 sections in half of a two car garage. Comments would be welcomed. In particular, thoughts about industries along the line.


    Although I could not find a map with a coal mine on this line, I moved one onto the line representing something that would have been found N or S of Cherokee. The yard in Parsons would belong to the MKT and one could operate a switcher there to represent that line.

    I will post updates to my album with the same title.


    -Bob T.

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