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Discussion in 'GP7' started by Ozarktraveler, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Ozarktraveler

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    Hi All,

    Where would I look to find the time frame that the GP7s were repainted from Blk/Yellow to the O/W livery? I don't currently have access to the Frisco in Color book...

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    Howdy Craig,

    As I recall, the orange and white paint scheme became the standard in the mid sixties. It took a while to repaint all the locomotives, so the black and yellow locomotives could be seen into the late sixties.

    There may be a Frisco Folk out there who knows specific dates that the paint transition took place for freight locomotives.

    Hope this helps,
  3. Ozarktraveler

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    Yeah, I remember seeing both schemes on the Ft Smith sub growing up, but as a kid I didn't pay attention to when things changed. I am hoping to narrow it down if possible.

  4. pbender

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    Some of the GP7s didn't actually get painted into Orange and White until the late 1970s.

    I have a photo of SLSF632, the last GP7 ordered by the Frisco, taken in 1979 (the photo isn't labeled with a more specific date) that shows the unit in Black and Yellow paint. I've seen a photo of SLSF632 after it was retired in Orange and White, so I know it was painted sometime before it was retired in 12/1979.

    Marre and Harper's Frisco Diesel Power also indicates that SLSF632 was indeed the last GP7 painted to Orange and White, but it doesn't give the exact date it was painted.

  5. yardmaster

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    Craig and Co.:
    Dr. Mike Condren is about as authoritative of a source as I know. We're fortunate that he's reproduced some of his old FMIG Newsletter "Paint Shop" columns on his website, including a specific article on GP7 paint schemes at

    In summary, the "FR-RS4a" paint diagram is dated early 1965.

    There is also a nice table showing GP7 units by paint scheme - a superb resource for the modeler who might want to accurately model a particular unit at a particular time, right down to the number and type of nose stripes.

    As a side note: it was Mike's original FMIG column that first introduced me to the fact that Frisco diesels weren't always O/W! Growing up in Chaffee in the 1970s, O/W is all that I remember. It wasn't until Tim Cannon loaned me all of his old issues that my eyes were open to a whole new world!

    Best Regards,
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    Ozarktraveler -

    A few of the Frisco GP7's never made it into the o/w paint scheme. I have pics of SLSF GP7's 509, 533, 573 and 586 in their very early C&NW service proudly still wearing their Frisco black/yellow livery, a bit faded in each case. There may have been a few others as well.

    Meteor910 |-|

    ps - I'll second "yardmaster's" comment about the value of Dr. Mike Condren's efforts to identify and publicize the various Frisco diesel paint schemes!
  7. Ozarktraveler

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    Thanks to all...

    Your responses are very much appreciated...
  8. swaviator

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    Hello...Some place in the far reaches of my memory, I recall a Frisco RS-1,2 or 3 that was painted in horizonal stripes of maroon and silver. It's not the black and yellow and it's not the red and white, but a third option.
    Can anyone help?
  9. TAG1014

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    Would you be thinking of the Alco yard switchers that were inherited when the Frisco bought the N. E. O. RR in the late 1960's? They were kinda off-white with wide maroon stripes. They were numbered in the 290's.


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