P2K GP7 Phase two locomotives

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    Calling all Frisco diesel experts, how do the P2K GP7 units stack up with the Atlas GP7s. I know there has been discussion on this site concerning incorrect numbers for the phase of the Atlas model, but I have not seen any discussion on the accuracy of the P2K models. The ones I am looking at are not Frisco, but they are phase II, non-dynamic brakes, and non steam generator units. Are the P2K units a better buy than the Atlas? I already have five of the Atlas, but I would get the P2K units and sell two of my Atlas if the P2K models are better than the Atlas. The obvious advantage visually is that after repainting the P2K models, I could number them correctly for the Frisco.

    Thanks in advance, Terry Jankowski
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    Terry and All:

    I can't give an opinion on Terry's question but would like to take this opportunity to update the situation on getting Athearn to make their wonderful Genesis models for the Frisco. Some of you may be aware that Athearn did what looks to be a major housecleaning of employees that were of decision making ability. Both Nick Molo and I received an email notifying us of this change of guard for lack of a better term and asks for our patience through the transition process. They have been seeking new personnel in marketing positions. I plan to contact them in the next couple of weeks and try to obtain an update. For those of you that are not aware of the situation Athearn hasn't as yet produced the correct body shell for the Frisco version to be produced.

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