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    I picked up this photo on eBay that shows Ozark Southern RY #15 at Mansfield, MO. in August 1935...It is somewhat of mystery as I can find no evidence of the OS rostering a #15...Though the weeds are obscuring the drivers it appears to be a 0-6-0 type, also the builder plate can clearly be read as a Baldwin #31352...A quick check of the Frisco steam roster shows no locomotive with builder #31352, also I can find no evidence that Frisco sold a locomotive to the Ozark Southern RY though some were leased from time to time as Karl pointed out in his post http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/tender-lettering.11341/ ...As steam engines are not one of my strong points I thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone might have info about this locomotive...Roger

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    Roger, that one looks like it's had some hard days. I like those old ones.
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