old Frisco trackage still in use

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    I don't normally like to plug products, but last week I received a DVD from Plets Express entitled "Oklahoma Shortlines", which features 5 railroads in the Sooner State. Included in this are Farmrail/Grainbelt and Kiamichi, both of which operate former Frisco trackage in different areas of the state. You can definitely tess the difference between the openness of western Oklahoma versus the excessive greenery of Kiamichi Country.

    And, as an extra the Wichita Tillman & Jackson is included, showing the original six ex-Frisco GP7s in action. ALl of then have since been replaced by former UP GP38s, so unless you've been out to Altus recently, you're out of luck. The DVD errs in stating the GP7s were originally built for the C&NW, but it is true the C&NW did get them from Frisco, and sent them to WTJ, which did the chopnosing & repainting.

    I'm not regretting the purchase one bit- it is rare to hear anything about the Central Division south of Ft. Smith and the western Arkansas coal fields.
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    That is definitely a video I would like to see.

    I know there is a lot of FRISCO Trackage still in Use, If you ever get the chance to take a tour of Columbus Kansas to Fredonia Kansas, that is all old FRISCO Rail operated by WATCO and John Chambers would know the name of the railroad if I am wrong, but I believe it is the South Kansas, Oklahoma Lines Railroad. From what I have read that is the only FRISCO East-West Mainline thru Kansas. Which ended just North of Wichita, but the interlocker at Cherryvale Kansas where the FRISCO crossed the Santa Fe is still there. and there are traces of the foundation from the old FRISCO Depot still there.
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    F4503, yes that is the main Kansas East-West line. I have been on it on a motor car ride this past spring from The interlocker just east of Hallowell to Altamont. And yes it is operated by the SKOL.


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