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    I'm looking for any information on my Great Uncle- W.A. "Ol' Jersey" Bryan. He died in an accident in Hugo in 1911. His name is William A. Brian, though Bryan has been used interchangeably through our family. I know he was married, and understand he had two sons. Any information on him and/or his family would be greatly appreciated. I have his Find-A-Grave info, and obit.
    Thank you in advance, Billygoat
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    I have looked at a BUNCH of the Frisco man magazines. I did find a pic of some track foreman, and one was W. Bryan. I'm not sure if that's my relative or not. I don't have any family pictures to compare to for verification.
    Edit, it wasn't the Frisco Man I looked at, it was the employee magazines I looked at. Thanks for the links
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    A collection of old photos of Hugo, OK, includes some dated 1910, the year before William's death, including the old Frisco depot before the fire. Choose from the index along the left side of the page


    The January 1911 issue of The Frisco-Man, Pg 8, has a photo of the creosoting plant.
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    William A. Bryan worked for the Frisco as a switchman in the Hugo yards. While coupling cars in the creosote yard on Saturday May 29, 1911, he was knocked down or stumbled, and then run over. The car passed over both legs; the right leg was crushed above the ankle, and the left leg was crushed below the hip. He was taken to the yard office, and the Frisco surgeon was called. The surgeon amputated both limbs, but William died several hours later due to “shock”.

    He had been in railroad service for 30 years, and at one time worked as a conductor. At the time of his death his wife lived in Washington, but the addresses of his two sons was unknown.
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    Thanks. I had found that info, and that's what sent me here to try to find more. I am hoping to find info on his wife and sons also.

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