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Discussion in 'Roundhouses & Turntables' started by Brules, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Brules

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    Does anyone have any OKC yard layouts/maps/sanborn maps showing the OKC yard with roundhouse and turntable? Went through all 4-5 pages here and only saw the photos of the turntable as it exists now.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Oldguy

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    There appear to be some available from several major city libraries, but must have a library card to access online. State historical society indicates it may have some also. I found only one OKC sanborn map online - http://www.dougloudenback.com/downtown/maps/okcsanborn1904.pdf. Interesting that it shows the Frisco TT but not the roundhouse. C. O. & G. roundhouse shown, but not its TT or lead tracks.
  3. Brules

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    Yeah I found that one too. It has been nigh impossible to find any old photos or maps of the Frisco Yard and from the time BN took it over until now they have made several changes to it. :(
  4. Brules

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    No one else has anything? LOL It is like it never existed! :)
  5. yardmaster

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    I can't recall ever seeing photos or a track schematic here or otherwise. While it might take some searching, some of the old Frisco Employee Magazines available through the Springfield-Greene County Library might have a photo. I know I've seen large photo spreads in the 1920s for the "new" Yale (Memphis) Yard, and yard facilities in Birmingham, AL.

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