OBX, Nichols Junction, July 1974

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    Two U-boats and two GP-35's lead OBX into Springfield. The track curving to the left is the connection with the former passenger main to the Springfield depot.

    On October 5, 1947 this was the site of a serious derailment with train number 8; Engine 4404 derailed when it tried negotiate the 7 degree-17 minute curve at 67 mph. It rolled onto its left side, crushed the cab and killed the fireman. The engine driver was injured severely. The first car rolled, and the first truck of the second car derailed The speed limit on the connection was 30 mph.

    Dawn was breaking, and it was foggy with visibility limited to 500 feet. My father always said that the crew was "lost".

    The full details are listed at the ICC Historical Records web site. I believe that Tom G. was able to view the aftermath, and his recollections are posted on this web site.

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    FYI, the ICC report on the accident Karl refers to is Investigation No. 3134, dated 12/4/47.

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    In the Volume 11 Number 2, 1997 issue of the "All Aboard" are three photographs of the derailment. Jeff Cooney
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