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  1. 19th st.

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    A big hello from the uk!,
    my name is brian,but will be using 19th st. as my user name.
    i`m 38ish,kid free and a postie (mail man) living in the united kingdom,and i`ve been modeling american railroads in HO and O gauges for about 20 years.My last layout which did`nt get passed the running stage was based on the laj in los angeles!
    I have just started building a small HO layout based around the west bottoms, ninteenith st yard in kansas city mo.I never intended this to start with, as i was going to use david barrows south plains plan for a rock island themed layout, but after a bit of tinkering and reading an article in the 1999 model railroad planning (jim senese`s kansas city terminal) i changed it to the frisco`s operations in the west bottoms. I shall try an start a thead at some point , but first need to buy a digital camera (still using film.) :eek:
    Best wishes to all Brian.
  2. gjslsffan

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    Welcome from the West side of the pond. Lots of good people on this site.
  3. klrwhizkid

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    Welcome Aboard, Brian! If you haven't already been looking around here, the West Bottoms has gotten a lot of attention. You will find plenty of info here.
  4. mark

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    Welcome aboard.

    Sounds like you need to plan a trip to Kansas City for the convention in 3 weeks. With no kids to handle you have an advantage over a number of folks. After all, it is just a short hop across the "pond".

    Friday you could operate at Rick's in the West Bottoms. In addition to meeting Frisco folks, soaking up great clinics, and exchanging information, we are planning a tour of the West Bottoms. To top it off, we have also planned a stop for dinner at Rosedale Bar-B-Que.

    Then it is back to the hotel for an evening of more fellowship and slides. Sunday will be an additional fun day with a train trip over former Frisco rails, and lunch together.

    It is great to see Frisco modelers and historians in not only the United States, but also the international Frisco following. It is truly hard to keep a great thing down.

    Hope this helps.


  5. Boomer John

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    You may see my posts about the West Bottoms, so if I can help let me know. Strangely enough, I once dabbled in British OO Scale and had a subscription to both Peco mags. I much admire some of the stuff you do over there because of limited space. But scribing bricks into paper like they do a Pendon, a bit over the top for me, although I did try it. All I could think of was the character in Catch 22, Captain McWatt, who liked to do tedious things because it made his life seem longer.

  6. 19th st.

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    Thanks for the welcome guy`s, Mark the convention sounds like a lot fun, but i don`t think it would go down too well if i turned round and said i was off kansas for a long weekend!, but apart from that i have three weeks holiday in october to visit relatives and friends,And this uses up the rest of this years holiday entitelment :(.
    One thing i do admire is the size of your layouts state side, how do you keep the motivation going to finish them?,because as john pointed
    out we tend to model in much smaller spaces over here.
    As for the west bottoms, i did`nt realize it was that popular till i came across this site, and with john`s offer of help and all the other info available, i think i`ve fallen on my feet !.:D
    I shall go explore some more now( there`s alot about the frisco i don`t yet know).
    Thanks again

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