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    As some of you know, I don't have much of a layout - I'm still playing with Kurt's old layout from when he was a kid, a 4'x8', expanded years ago to 6'x8'. I keep it around mainly just to run and display the equipment and locomotive models I build, and to run trains for kids when they visit.

    I do run a passenger train on it - my two granddaughters like the passenger train more than they like frieght trains, I guess because they have been on one (Baldwin City, KS, last June).

    Since my maxium radius on the main is 22", I run Athearn's passenger equipment, as it is short enough to at least look reasonable on the curves, and an AHM coach (GM&O), a few Walthers ATSF cars, Army troop cars (Walthers), and a bunch of other head end cars. Most are heavyweight.

    I promised the granddaughters the next time they come to St Louis I would have a sleeping car on the train. Thus, I finished and put a heavyweight Pullman in service this past week.

    This is an Athearn Pullman, undecorated, that I finished and decaled, using Champ Dulux Pullman decals. It is essentially stock Athearn (did any heavyweights really have the split windows in the vestibules?) I named it "Apthorpe", a name off the Champ decal set, even though the real Pullman name was "Apthorpe House". I chose this single name as the Frisco did use two h/w Pullmans that had single names starting with "A" - "Arkalon" and "Arrington".

    I added a Kadee brakewheel to the car, replacing the Athearn wheel, installed Walthers diaphragms, and installed Kadee 36" wheelsets in the trucks, and Kadee couplers. I built a full Pullman interior, using the old Walthers interior kit, plus a lot of other things out of my scrap box, using a whole lot of card stock. Everything inside is held together with white glue.

    It's not prototypical of anything, but it looks like a h/w Pullman on the Frisco. Proud to say we were sold out on the first run!

    The train as currently configured is powered by a Frisco FP7 (SLSF 5048) and a F7B (SLSF 5135), both Intermountain, and consists of a SLSF express box (Branchline), a SLSF RPO (Athearn), a PRR B60 baggage (Walthers), a SLSF baggage (Athearn), Pullman "Apthorpe", a SLSF diner (Athearn, with interior), a SLSF Coach (Athearn, with interior), and a GM&O coach (AHM, with interior). I have many other cars I can mix in for variety.

    About half the time, a Frisco E8 pair (P2K) provides the power. There also is another Athearn coach in the shop, now getting its interior.

    Pic of "Apthorpe" attached.


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    That's great Ken! You have a big heart. I have a couple of Athearn HW MOW cars that you are welcome to have. They are still in kit form. If you'd like them, just PM your addy to me and I'll send them, with my compliments.
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    Thanks Manny! PM on the way.

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    I enjoyed a MRR that was way smaller than the one currently enslaving me. My most favorite MRR memories are from that small layout. I have said before and will say again that I will never take on a project this size, again. I think your MRR is just fine, perhaps it is not the size so much as what it represents that matters. Let me know, and I would be proud to maybe come over and operate on it anytime.
    I need to get some HW cars and do some modeling.
    Tom Holley
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    Tom - You would be welcome here any time, but there is precious little operating that can be done other than running one of two trains around the oval. All the other trackage - yards, passing siding, spur tracks, etc, are chock full of cars and locos! Reminds me of a certain real railroad I formerly shipped a lot of stuff on.

    Terry - Thanks. "Apthorpe" is one of those never seen Pullman 8-2's. Eight sections, two drawing rooms. I enjoy adding the interiors, so you can see something inside the windows. It also gives the car a nice hefty weight, so they "clunk" over rail joints. Easy to do with the Walther's Athearn car interiors - which I'm not sure are even available any more. I bought one for each of my undec Athearn coaches, diner and Pullman when I bought them (some time ago!). Only the Pullman and one round-roof coach were unfinished. "Apthorpe" is now in service (still sold out, proving to be a popular service!), and the coach is in the shop getting its interior as we speak.

    I also like the effect of a few partially drawn window shades in the windows. I do that with Scotch packing tape.


    ps: BTW, I painted the vestibule steps on "Apthorpe" pullman green - looks much better than the black. I'll need to go back now and do that to the coaches. Amazing how little problems show up on a pic, that you don't see with the naked eye.
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    Ken, it is inspiring to read that you are still building models at your advanced age ;-)
  7. meteor910

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    Yeah, but look at the complex kit I built!


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