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  1. pensive

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    Lured into the unauthorized area of the National Museum of Transport in Kirkwood MO by the apparition pictured here, I discovered that the museum possesses a Frisco built caboose with a steel cupola. Unfortunately, it seems to be in an advanced state of decay as one can see from the images. I couldn't find a number on it. Photograph taken on July 11, 2007 by Rich Lawler.

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  2. meteor910

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    Ugh, shame shame! The "boneyard" behind the fence at NMOT is full of all kinds of treasures, just sitting there rotting away. I know they can't address everything, but how they can let 0-6-0 SLSF 3695 (both a Frisco and a Scullin Steel veteran - representing two valued, former St Louis major industries) just sit there and rot in the poison ivy is beyond me. And I'm a NMOT member - maybe I need to scream louder.

    Meteor910 |-|
  3. pensive

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    I think that if they put a roof over these artifacts, it would go a long way to help preserve them. I don't know if that's in the master plan, however.
  4. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    There is so much equipment stuffed back there they couldn't build a roof big enough. You can stand at the fence and hear stuff rusting. I don't know what the answer is.

  5. If only they would sell the extra equipment or donate it to other muesums for restoration. I wouldn't mind haveing a caboose or two. Better the be sent of than falls to peices there.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
  6. pensive

    pensive Member Supporter

    The museum is selling off some of thier collection, but the Frisco caboose wasn't on the list. So maybe they're thinking about restoring it.

  7. Hopefully they will. I just hate such treasures going to rot. I've seen many cars and engines go into a disrepair and I hate it. I wish their was a few more restoration projects near my place so I could help out a little.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican:)

    SAFN SAAP Member

    It has been a long time dream of mine to own a steam locomotive and return it to full operating condition. I'm hopeful this will happen. I love steam locomotives too much to see them in the state of disrepair that they are in all around the country. When I see a steam locomotive in that state, I can literally feel it crying out for help, love and attention. You may think that's weird or that I am weird or both, but I'm sorry, the engineers and fireman and the roads who ran them loved them so much, that spirit transfers to them and they have a life all their own.

    I just saw photos of the Linden shops with all the abandoned steam engines. What a crime! Yes, even the Frisco is guilty, but I love her anyway. She had the best steam, second to none.
  9. Joseph Toth

    Joseph Toth Member

    While I don´t endorse the Museum of the American Railroad, formally the Age of Steam at Fair Park, Dallas, their move to Frisco, Texas, should make more people aware of just what the Frisco was all about. I am sure there will be both positive and negative remarks here and that´s OK. Mabie it is the wrong place to donate any former Frisco artifacts to, but seeing that it will make the move, what is or will be the roll of the Frisco team including members, if any, including the remote possibility of seeing that more Frisco become noticed after the move is made and the operation is up and running?

    The Dallas/Ft. Worth area continues a growth not seen in many parts of the US and is it not important that the legacy of the Frisco be kept alive in this area that it helped settle? That poor little 0-6-0 and caboose in St. Louis would probably feel right at home on the range in Frisco, Texas!

    Whatta y´all think?

    Let St. Louis have that GG1. It sure as Huck Finn don´t belong in the Lone Star State!

    Joe Toth
  10. FRISCO4503

    FRISCO4503 FRISCO4503 Supporter

    I know Money talks and Bull walks but, I am of the belief that anything can be repaired, if you find the right person to do the job, and of course, meet his price. It is so sad that all these wonderful artifacts are rotting and screaming for help that may never come. If ever there was a time and place where I am in a position to do so, I would jump up and pull out my check book and BRING THE FRISCO BACK, BUT..IN THE MEANTIME.....ALL FRISCO CABOOSES GO TO HEAVEN!!!
  11. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    That caboose was nearly in that sad condition when it arrived at the MOT. I don't know where it came from, but I looked it over and wondered at the time why they just didn't scrap it. It had been infested by squatters and drunks from the look of it.
  12. mark

    mark Member

    We are still trying to identify the car number of this caboose. If anyone had any information on the car's history, prior owner(s) or car number, please share with the group.

    Hope this helps.


  13. pensive

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    A recent visit to the National Museum of Transport revealed that the above pictured caboose had been moved to a more open space nearer to the restoration building. Whether this means that it will be restored or dismantled in unknown. Overall views provide evidence of further decay (Pictures 1, 2 & 3). Peeks into the windows showed that the interior has been completely trashed (4) with evidence of fire damage at both ends (5 & 6). A date on the Frisco cast trucks gives a clue as to when it was built (7). An amateurish paint job (8) proves that it was painted after service on the railroad and perhaps careful removal of the final coat of paint would reveal its number (9).


    DSC_0005.JPG DSC_0006.JPG DSC_0007.JPG DSC_0008.JPG DSC_0010.JPG DSC_0012.JPG DSC_0011.JPG DSC_0009_1.JPG DSC_0015.JPG
  14. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    The NMOT collection roster provides no clue as to the number of this cab. Poor thing is in such bad shape I'd be surprised if restoration is a realistic option. Rather than waste resources on this, I'd rather see them do a cosmetic restoration of SLSF 3695. As a long time member, I've urged that for several years to no effect. At least they moved 3695 out of the poison ivy a few years back to a place where you can see it and get close to it now.

    Thanks for posting the pics of the cab, Rich. Tucked in where it used to be, a decent shot was not possible.

  15. gstout

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    Judging from the condition this car is in, it begs the question whether one would be undertaking a "restoration" or simply building a replica of the original artifact. This comes up occasionally in the auto restoration hobby. There have been instances where the original body is separated from the original undercarriage. One restorer begins with the frame while another, perhaps unknowingly, begins with the body and when all is said and done, there are two "restored" cars that rose from the hulk of a single original car. So then what have you got?

  16. pensive

    pensive Member Supporter

    Evaluating the condition of this caboose, I would say that not one stick of wood could be reused in a restoration. A look at the stairwells reveals that those are rusted through in several places. That leaves the trucks, underframe, brake equipment, and possibly the cupola as parts that could be used in a restoration. This car may be to far gone to save.

    Ken, I didn't see the 3695 on display this time. A number of other notable exhibits were missing such as the GM Aerotrain. The Museum took up the tracks that curved northward out of the tunnel where these items used to be displayed. I don't know if they are going to lay down new tracks or something else. It's hard for me to imagine them getting rid of these artifacts, but I don't know where they are.

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  17. TAG1014

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    Maybe it's just time for a Christian burial...


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