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    Don, in a word: spectacular!

    2 questions: what thickness styrene for the walls (I'm guessing .060), and did you build the interior stud walls by hand or is there a pre-molded product?

    A splendid example of prototype modeling.
  2. frisco1522

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    The walls are .040, and that's why I did so much bracing. I also needed to simulate studs because blank walls would look goofy if you look into the house.
    I stopped at Lowe's today and bought a 2x4' piece of .080 clear plexiglas and cut a one piece roof for the house. Being clear made it easy to lay out the lines as I laid it on the roundhouse and marked them off and cut them. I can also locate where the interior locating blocks will go before I "roof" the thing. Gotta lay out smokejack locations also. I painted all 22 door halves yesterday and they are ready to hang. I decided to leave them all open as trying to make them operable makes for some grossly oversized hinges and the like.
    I'm already plotting how to build the old two story wood depot next.
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    I predict Don's HO Newburg will be neater and better looking than the real Newburg was. And, that's saying a lot.

    Super work - keep us up to date on your progress. I can't wait to see this roundhouse and turntable with your steam roster sitting around them!

    Newburg lives!

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    I thought you all would like to see photos of the Newburg depot scratch built by Jan Jester. Don is right about it being ugly but on the other hand it is full scale size and will look great on the layout once I get the Eastern Division built.

    Jan did some great detail including scratchbuilt roll-up doors, individual asbestos shingles (applied one at a time), restrooms with lavatories and toilets, ticket counter, waiting room benches, etc. The amazing thing about all these details is that up close they are moderately impressive. Stand back a foot or so and they look great.

    One great model.

    Ship IT on the Frisco!


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  5. meteor910

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    I saw Jan's pictures of his Newburg depot model once before, and said "wow!"

    I'll say it again - Wow!

  6. frisco1522

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    I saw this model at the Frisco Museum when we were down there with the 1522. Jan did a terrific job. I hope to do a decent job on the previous version.
  7. meteor910

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    Don - Like you have often said, all the "modern" version of the Newburg depot needed was a Texaco sign to make it look legit.

    Newburg, back in the days when it was important to the SLSF, was really a neat place. I have often called it the "Valhalla of all Friscodom".

    Yeah, I know, that's a bit dramatic.

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