NEW MOLOCO RBLs for sale now and ready to ship

Discussion in 'Freight Equipment' started by nickmolo, Jun 24, 2013.

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    I'm proud to announce that the MOLOCO RBLs are here and ready to ship to your Frisco layouts. These RBL were significant for Frisco traffic because these were pool cars that carried beer, groceries, foodstuffs, tinplate, plywoods and waxes, from companies on-line as well as passing off between east and west connections. SOme of the on-line companies were Campbells Soup, Hunt Foods, Carnation and Schlitz. Some well known off-line pools were for General Mills, General Foods, Aplston Purina, Pillsbury, MIller Brewing, Pabst, Budweiser, CPC International, Green Giant, California Packing (Del Monte).

    I look forward answering your questions and filling your orders. I encourage for you all to pool your orders together, there is a flat shipping rate.


    Nick Molo
  2. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I just got mine, I got the RI and Wabash. These cars are very nice and look great on the layout.
    William Jackson

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  3. tmfrisco

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    Hey, Nick, I am interested in buying some cars and parts, but I need to ask some questions, first. I want to buy the GATX 50' RBL box car undec. #11000-00 and want to know that all the parts for the Frsico specific car are included in this kit. In your book I believe this car is on pg. 79 represented by 6145. I also would like to buy the GATX 12000-00 represented by 6178 on the same page. This car is shown to be out of stock. Is there any estimate when this car will be available? Are the Mask Island decals (87-140) available now as the site says coming soon, and I don't know when that was added. Also, do you have an estimate when the ACF cushioned draft gear kits will be available? One more question, without being able to see the actual car, how can I determine whether the non-cushioned draft gear is the welded or bolted type on each car as I am considering trading out stock draft gear on some of my better Frisco cars for your non-cushioned ones? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to buy the correct part if at all possible.

  4. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I have both of those and want too keep them, I have the decals. I think you can get them, course the 1200 shows sold out. The big thing is you get the detail parts to do several different cars. Your choice. If you click their by the car you get an extremely great instruction sheets. Just print them out. They show you how to built the whole car step by step with great photo's
    Bill Jackson
    He has a new line of car's coming out and I am just waiting, with the check. I think SOO is one of the RTR.
    Come on nicK, give us the new list.
  5. tmfrisco

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    Bill, they do look like great cars and the Frisco had both series. I will go ahead and get the 11000 now and hope that Nick will run some more 12000 later. The difference in the cars is slight, but to properly model each series, I need both of them. I will order the decals, also, and at least finish one of the cars. At least I won't have to do major car modification like I have been doing on the other cars I have been working on.


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