New Modular Building System

Discussion in 'Structures' started by FriscoFriend, Jan 26, 2011.

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    To All:

    Most of you have either used or are aware of the versatile Walther's Cornerstone Modular Building system. While browsing through the latest Walther’s flyer I ran across an interesting little kit from GC Laser called “The Cube” office. When I went to their site, to my pleasant surprise I found that they have introduced a whole laser-cut modular system called the “The Cube”. On the home page after looking at the new structure scroll down and click on the link explaining “The Cube” and the many options they have to constructing buildings. Take particular notice of the fact that they offer several different wall surface choices.

    I encourage all of you to study this new offering and post back ideas and/or pictures of buildings along the Frisco ROW that you could see this system beneficial in constructing.

    Enjoy and get back and let everyone know.

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