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    To start with, many of my ancestors were employed by Frisco. Specifically, my great grandfather Alfred Dickerson was a baggage man who was killed in a train accident 25 Oct 1892, outside of Philipsburg, Mo. Frisco after his death hired his widow Hannah I Dickerson, who continued to work for them until she retired. I have other family Holden and Hall's who also worked for Frisco. I am looking for anything in the late 1880' early 1900's about the company. Wondering if there are any photos from the accident on 25 Oct 1892. Looking forward to hearing from anyone about this.
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    Welcome to our website Melody!

    There are a lot of walking computers on this website and I know you will find them helpful in your pursuit.

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    Hannah, Welcome Aboard. Unfortunately, there is not much in the way of personnel information on this site, but as gjslsffan indicated the Greene County Library in Springfield has some information out there at their link: Otherwise, keep posting questions, there is probably somebody here that may come up with an answer.
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    Welcome aboard Melody!


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