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  1. Since my days as a youth bumming Lindenwood Yards and begging engineers to let me ride with them (frequently accomplished) I have developed a lifelong love of the Frisco (black and gold; or red and gold). I eventually succumbed to the BNSF (it took years) and now I even like watching UP prototypes from my home in Valley Park.
    I am modeling Frisco, BNSF, and UP on my HO scale layout. I cannot get enough info about anything Frisco, so that's why I joined when I found you online (I am now partially retired and can actually spend some time browsing).
    I have a hard time with detail so I am looking for a good resource for re-painting some Santa Fe E-8's that I have into racehorse engines (you all know what I mean). Let me know if anyone is interested in pointing me in the right direction for help on that.
    Thanks for having me in the group!
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  2. Jim James

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    Welcome aboard! You’re going to really enjoy this forum.
  3. klrwhizkid

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    Welcome Aboard, Michael! This sub-forum should get your attention: Note that there is an historical section of the Forum and a modeling section. I found the thread above using the search engine (upper right) while on the home page. Don't hesitate to ask questions. I'm sure answers for most anything Frisco can be found here as we have a lot of knowledgeable people onboard.
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  4. rjthomas909

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  5. gna

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    I have a Proto 2000 E8 that's really rough. I stripped the paint and will try to repair the details, then paint and decals. I'm right there with you.
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  6. Joe Lovett

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    Welcome to the Frisco website Michael!!! The resources on this website are top notch, we have a lot of members that are very knowledgeable with Frisco history and we have really talented modelers. We will help you with anything you need to know, just ask and have fun scanning the threads.

    If you will start a build thread for your layout, there are several build threads for HO and N scale to give you a reference point.

  7. Welcome Michael. As you start your E8 project and have questions ask away. We will help.
  8. yardmaster

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    Welcome, Michael. And I have two ATSF E8s that I am holding onto for the same reasons. Maybe your quest will motivate me.
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