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    Hello All,

    I came across this site while doing research into the location of the terminal at Kellyville OK. Trying to pinpoint exactly where the depot was located. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

    That said, this research has rekindled my interest in model railroading. I may have to dust of the track and start work on a layout.

  2. gjslsffan

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    Welcome to Dan. I think you will find people here very friendly, as well as generous with their time and information.
  3. Joe Lovett

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    Welcome to the Frisco website, Dan!!! Looking forward to seeing your layout plans and photos.

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  5. r c h

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    Dan, my track chart shows Kellyville at MP 445.6. There is no siding or auxiliary tracks shown, so I'd interpret the milepost to be the location of the station sign. The Buffalo St. grade crossing is shown at approximately MP 445.75, so that would put the station sign about a quarter of a mile away toward Sapulpa.
  6. soonerdg

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    RCH - thanks very much for the reply. I know there was a siding at Kellyville and it would have been just about where you say, 1/4 mile northeast of the Buffalo St. crossing, based on the maps I've found. I've been able to confirm that there was a siding because in reading accident reports of the 1917 collision about 2 miles southwest of Kellyville one of the trains was waiting on the siding at Kellyville for the troop train to pass. So do you think the depot would have been at the same location as the siding? I've found some old USGS quads from 1916 that show a building just West of the Buffalo St crossing but don't indicate that it was a depot. I don't see any buildings at the location of the siding but there are some other symbols on the map that may be covering it. I'm really surprised how difficult it's been to pinpoint the location.

    Again, thanks very much for your help.
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    Dan, welcome to the group. And, do dust and clean the track on your layout; it's always fun to see and hear what others are doing.

    Best Regards,

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