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    I have been an interested party in the SLSF for two years now. Hailing from St. Louis, I get real close to 1522 and 0-6-0 #3695 often, as I volunteer at STL Museum of Transport. 3695 is my favorite Frisco steamer, and I love 0-6-0's and 0-8-0's, but don't shy from large or small road power. As long as it's steam, I'm there!

    Happy to be of any help,
    S. Connors
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  2. Jim James

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    Welcome aboard! Always good to have another steam guy among us.
  3. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    Welcome to Hope you find everything you need here and if not just ask.

    Sent from my coal fired Veeblefetzer.
  4. klrwhizkid

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    Welcome Aboard, you'll find plenty of informative reading and entertainment here.
  5. FriscoCharlie

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    Welcome aboard!

  6. meteor910

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    Welcome to! It's a good group indeed. I'm also in StL and am a NMOT/TMA member, have been for years. Glad to hear of your affection for SLSF/Scullin 3695; me too. I have been on the museum's case now and then through the years that 3695 deserves much better care and prominence. NMOT doesn't have many small switcher types, the engine has a long history with two fallen flag St Louis companies, and it is good looking. Why not give it some TLC rather than let it sit there and rot!

  7. frisco1522

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    I asked about leasing or borrowing 3695, moving her out here to Pacific where I would head up a cosmetic restoration and display her at our little railroad park. Didn't get much enthusiasm from the MOT. I'm getting too old for this.

    Sent from my coal fired Veebelfetzer.
  8. DanHyde

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    I'm ready to help ! Just say, " All Aboard"!
    Aber, du wiesed nicht, was ein earschplittenloutenboomer ist!!
  9. Another 1522 guy! Great!

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