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    Just sign on to this board so I want to introduce myself. I am a retired fire captain and after a ten year hiatus I am getting back to HO scale model railroading. I am primarily interested in the Pensy because I grew up near Philly, and lived about a mile from the line that went from Philly to AC. I am one of the few people that I know the rode steam that was in regular service. I am going to try to combine 3 railroads, Pensy , RFP and NS. My interest in the Frisco came about when I learned the served Pennscola, FLa. Besides I like their paint scheme:eek:. My new building goes up in two weeks so I will be able to start prepping the building for the layout. It is 12x16.

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    Welcome Aboard, Bill. We like anyone that can appreciate our favorite railroad's paint scheme(s).
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    Welcome to the group, and welcome back to the world o' model railroading, Bill. Best wishes as you get started on the layout; I've always found the RF&P's passenger operations to be interesting.

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