New locomotive control system on the market. AMAZING!

Discussion in 'Electrical/Electronics' started by Iantha_Branch, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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    I got an email from my online pusher (Hobbies USA) and I was reading through it and they were offering a discount on a new dealer they picked up that has a new DCC system on the market. It's far more advanced, yet far more simpler to operate.

    Instead of communicating with the decoders through the track, each decoder communicates with the throttle wirelessly. Yes that's right wirelessly.

    And the throttle it's self? wireless. And it has a full color touch screen. It has a speed knob though.

    Here is the bad part, the price.

    1 Throttle is $400
    The power station is $280
    1 decoder is $100, but it does have sound. They only offer one type of decoder currently, but it's so big you couldn't get it in a SW unit.

    Just thought I would pass this along. After watching the first video and reading about it I was just blown away.

  2. renapper

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    Re: New DCC system on the market. AMASSING!

    The real problem is this is not a DCC system, but a RC System.
  3. bob_wintle

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    Re: New DCC system on the market. AMASSING!

    This is exactly correct, and with the wishy washy way the FCC rules and Governs the Radio Spectrum I wouldn't want to sink a bunch of money into a hobby that in a few years they could decide to outlaw or change the usage of. Just my Opinion.
    Bob Wintle
  4. Rick McClellan

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    Re: New DCC system on the market. AMASSING!

    With the cost of peanut butter these days, I would have a heart attack and croak if one of those $400 throttles went down.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Re: New loco system on the market. AMAZING!

    Sorry, but if "Bluetooth" is any indication of what wireless acts like, then I will NOT be investing in that system until it is tried and true. You might just end up with this:

    Click Here

    Thanks for posting though. It's nice to see new stuff, even if it raises an eyebrow.
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  6. SteveM

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    I happened onto a blog about this system the other day. Folks were panning it because the maker is very proprietary about code and such. One must send throttles in or go through them to get photos added to the display (apparaently folks need a photo of their loco on the throttle to know which one they are controlling.)
    Not sure where they will find enough users to get production scale or work out the bugs.

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