New Kadee HO Frisco PS-1 - SLSF 17998

Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by meteor910, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    I see Kadee has announced another 40ft PS-1 box car for November, 2012 delivery: SLSF 17998 in red oxide in the "Frisco Fast Freight" scheme.

    Shows what influence I have (almost none). Last time I talked with Sam at Kadee I suggested they do another 40ft PS-1, but in the "Ship it" scheme.


    ps - I'd like to see them do the two-bay hopper in another number also.

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  2. Joseph Toth

    Joseph Toth Member

    Neat looking boxcar! When did the Frisco discontinue the "Frisco Fast Freight" slogan on boxcars? Anyone know the last car to be received or repainted with it? Good homework assignment!

    Kadee currently has their 50 ton AAR "Standard" open bay hopper with coal load painted and lettered for SL-SF 90601 with a 1948 Blt date and a 11-66 shop date which includes the ACI label.

    This computerized car tracking system wasn't that long lived was it? Question: Should the ACI labels be included on rolling stock or be eliminated so a modeler can choose to run the equipment after the ACI program was discontinued if so desired? Decals can be applied to properly "date" such equipment if being operated on a layout when the system was still in use. A lot of equipment retained them after the program was no longer used since removing the lables or metal plates that contained them after shoppings and repaints was too cost effective to remove, thus they could still be disclosed under the paint long after the system had been shut down!

    How many modelers have scanners in their yards, where they were used, on their layouts as well? Another little detail that makes the scene come alive! Microwave towers seem to be missing on a lot of modern layouts as well, as they were also vogue during this period. KCS had one including the aluminum painted building that held all the "neat electronic stuff" in it at the Santa Fe's East Dallas Yard in Big D in the late 60s and well into the 70s if not longer. The Santa Fe served as a joint agency for the Frisco and L&A (KCS) in Dallas.

    All gone today except KCS purchased the ATSF track south of Farmerville and north of Dallas at Zacha Junction and now operates to BNSF Alliance Yard north of Ft. Worth. DART now occupies the old East Dallas Yard.


    Joe Toth
  3. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    One of the many advantages of Kadee is that their products are 100% made and assembled in the USA. They are pretty good about delivering when they say they will.

    I'm not sure exactly when the SLSF switched from the "Frisco Fast Freight" to the "Ship it on the Frisco!" scheme on their new boxcars. It was during the time they were receiving the PS-1's. I'll look into that - perhaps Karl or others on know the date of the change.

    I doubt if any of the PS-1's were repainted using the "FFF" scheme. Any of the PS-1's that were repainted almost certainly got the "Ship it" scheme in one of its many variations.

  4. Joseph Toth

    Joseph Toth Member

    Kadee is a prime example that model trains CAN be Made in the USA at realistic pricing and gads, all that detail and metal couplers and metal sprung trucks to boot! Believe me, I looked hard and long before deciding to slap down some large scale along my 28 foot long balcony. Old Geezer eyes like to see the trains run by without wearing extra thick glasses though. Not to mention the Ten Thumbs I was born with! I really envy master builders like Andre and Manny! You guys got the gift of God! I got shoved against the bumping post on the Rip track and forgotten....LOL

    Hartland Locomotive Works 1:24 scale trains are also made in the USA in LaPorte, Indiana. I can still see them with my 66 year old eyes too! Their Mighty Mack switcher is a sweet little machine that would make a Singer Sewing Machine salesman look twice! You can purchase it from some of their dealers for as low as $47.95! Makes a beautiful shop locomotive or on-line industrial switcher. I am thinking about adding Checkboard Squares to the red one. Ten Thumbs or not. On my railroad, Puppy Chow moves in FFF boxcars! Southeast....Southwest....Ship IT on the Frisco!

    Joe Toth
  5. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Kadee has a good thing going with their cars that sell well (our Frisco is in this category!). They do an excellent job of building and decorating the car - then continue to reissue it over the next several years with only the need to change road numbers, or a few of the painting or detail features. Keep 'em coming Kadee!

    I would like to see them do a second number for the Frisco 50-ton AAR standard 2-bay offset open hopper car (initial car was SLSF 90601). It does have the wrong door locks (which Kadee knew), but you can't really tell as it rolls by.

  6. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

    I have discussed this issue with Nick Molo and would like them to do the modernized version without the roofwalks and with low ladders as pictured on the bottom of page 60 in his Frisco/Katy Color Guide book. It has not been Kadee's practice to do modernized cars as this but their line of thinking may changing as they just released a D&H "I Love NY" car that was built in 1966 and shopped on 1/82. It looks to have the modifications mentioned above.
  7. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I ordered one of these yesterday, kadee assured me the car would be released. I really don't like to pre-order.
    Bill Jackson
  8. Joseph Toth

    Joseph Toth Member

    Kadee continues to release cars without roofwalks and lowered ladders reflecting the AAR mandates that required these modifications be made. While Kadee has concentrated on car releases coming direct from the builders it appears that they are moving ahead to include cars that were also rebuilt by the railroads as well.

    Their HO line of cars might be considered pricey but with the inclusion of metal sprung trucks and couplers coming right out of the box and with fantastic detail on the models, they still remain the deluxe line of freight cars topping many other manufacturers and they are Made in the USA! With many dealers offering discounts and sales on specific roadnames, many can be picked up at bargan prices. Their offering of undecorated unassembled car kits for both 40 and 50 foot PS1 boxcars also include metal sprung trucks and couplers as well! Just perfect to model any car that you photographed too.

    I had considered constructing the small 4X6 Atlas HO "Simplicity & Great Plains" layout in S scale albeit using 5X7 board dimentions but am giving serious thought about building the HO version again afterall. It was my first crude attempt to model the Frisco in 1961. The classic publication "Six Atlas HO Railroads you can Build" included the S&GP as the first layout in the book. A neat little shelf switching pike was also included, "Southside Connecting" which I had planned as an extention at a later date. It never materialized but both layouts are perfect for apartment dwellers like me even to this day some 50 years later!

    The S&GP will be a "paper railroad" built as an extention of the QA&P which itself was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Frisco. Power will be the QA&P's GP7s of course and the depot will be called "Simplicity, Texas" and be "Somewhere in West Texas". The point to point G scale pike will remain oudoors on my balcony and the four by sixer will be indoors and operated during the winter months. "Simplicity" will also be an interchange point with the Panhandle & Santa Fe and Wichita Valley (Ft. Worth & Denver). All this in 4X6? This is where the "Southside Connecting" comes in....

    Joe Toth

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