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    Atlas ( has announced new HO scale Frisco products (under "Browse", see "Products", "New HO Products", announced 9/2/05).

    Coming in February is a B-30-7 (new model) in 4 numbers (2 with receivers and sound, 2 without) and unnumbered (both with and without receivers and sound). This is a new model not available before in plastic in HO. (They do have a Frisco painted B-30-7 in N scale from a few years back.) Please see

    Also, they are releasing in February their GP-7 in the original black and yellow paint (full stripes) in 2 numbers. This is the revised upgraded version of the shell with separate grabs, etc. Years ago with the old shell (solid cast in grabs) they produced a red (not orange enough) and white painted GP-7. Expect the new releases to have state of the art graphics. Please see

    Start saving and get your orders in now. Production availability will be for what is ordered.

    Atlas continues to support Frisco modelers with engines and rolling stock. The more support (purchases) the more we can continue to look forward to new products.

    Many thanks to the good folks at Atlas!
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