New HO and N Airslide Decals Available

Discussion in 'Hopper Cars' started by paducahbuilt, May 25, 2013.

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    Hello, everyone. While I am officially an ICG modeler, I have an interest in GATC Airslide Covered Hoppers and sometimes, I stray and make other related decal sets outside of my ICG focus.

    On that note, I am pleased to announce two new decal sets for Frisco General American single-bay 2600 cu.ft. Airslide Covered Hoppers.

    The Frisco leased GACX Airslides from General American Transportation Corporation starting in 1954. Later, by 1961, the Frisco was taking delivery of new Airslides lettered SLSF. These new decal sets cover the two GACX leased series (that I am aware of) as well as the 8 separate SLSF/Frisco deliveries of cars, totalling over 100 cars. The sets are broken out by the body style of the car -- the "Early" style cars in GA-10 and the "Intermediate/Late" style cars in GA-11.

    Available in HO and N Scale.

    GA-10 Frisco General American 2600cf single Bay Airslides 1954+ (Early body style)
    Enough lettering for 4 complete cars. $12.00

    GA-11 Frisco General American 2600cf single Bay Airslides 1965+ (Intermediate & Late body style)
    Enough lettering for 3 complete cars. $12.00

    Check out my website for more details, prototype photos, decal photos, and related information.
    Just scroll down to ther GA-10 and GA-11 set listings...

    Thanks, everyone!

    Dan Kohlberg
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    That's exactly what we needed; re-decal sets for the Athearn cars recently released that replace the GACX reporting marks with SLSF so we can create more Frisco rolling stock.
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    At last someone has come out with the correct lettering for ALL versions of the Frisco airslides. On top of that the research is impeccable and every nuisance captured, notice the two different "F"s in the 1954+ set with the higher and lower second stroke. athearn really doesn't know what they are doing with their airslide cars, they have really bad artwork (mixed early cars with late logos) and really bad paint decisions (black roofs? what were they looking at?). Thanks Dan for bringing these out!

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