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    In December 1970 my Dad went back to Vietnam and we moved to Amory to be near his and my mom's family. Dad did return home safely and was transferred to SC. But in the 18 months-or-so we lived in Amory, I used a LOT of bicycle tire rubber riding downtown from our home on Hatley Road to see the Frisco and the Mississippian. Those big orange-and-white SD-45s were the prettiest in all the land!

    When I returned 8 years later for college, I'd return to Amory frequently. My heart broke when the SL-SF was sold.
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    Welcome Aboard.
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    Welcome to the forum. If your father is still alive, please tell him thanks for his service to our nation.

    Paul Moore
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    Same for most all of the rest of us on this forum.

    BTW, Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome Aboard!

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