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Discussion in 'Structures' started by FriscoFriend, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. FriscoFriend

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    As I travel the Frisco, I look for and take pictures of buildings in towns that I like. Every once in a while, a manufacturer introduces a "can't miss" one that fits rural America to a tee. This new gas station by Depots by John is one such structure. Since they were brick, most are still standing and have been repainted and may be abandoned or something other than a gas station. Most sat on a corner at an angle. It sells for $52.95.

    For the fun of it, please post either locations and/or photos of towns that you know there is at least one. I will start the game with Fall River, KS. on the Wichita Sub.

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  2. renapper

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    Looks like the gas stations I remember is a kid. One of them still stands in St. George, KS.
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  3. Sirfoldalot

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    Waldo, Arkansas - Was "Cities Service" when I was growing up.
  4. train61

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    Got a few from Birmingham Alabama. Got them from the Library:

    pan-am gas station birmingham Alabama.JPG sinclar gas station Birmingham alabama.JPG us tires and gas station birmingham alabama 40's.JPG
    Jason Ross
    Bham Sub-Div
    Bessemer Branch
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  5. FriscoCharlie

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    Good stuff! They don't make buildings like that anymore.
  6. klrwhizkid

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    Here are some neat pictures of a gas station found in Clinton, MO that just lends itself to modeling. These were taken Nov. 2010 during the KC area group's annual "Walk in the Weeds".

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  7. friscomike

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    Thanks for posting the photos. I have a passion for gas stations of the 30-50's. A few years ago at the Narrow Gauge convention, someone gave a terrific clinic on gas stations. It is interesting how they have evolved from prefabs to the Rococo style of the 50's. Best, mike
  8. yardmaster

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    Tim Cannon has a couple of photos of the Sinclair Station on S. Main Street at W. Davidson (previously "Division St." on some older Sanborn Maps); if it's not a dead ringer for this model, then it's awfully close:

    Scroll to the bottom two photographs.

    I believe this is the same location where Dennis Bess had his Sinclair Filling & Service station in the 1970s. I remember sitting in there listening to the full service bell ring while my parents would get their car greased. Usually that was followed by a walk 2 doors south to my Grandpa's TV/radio shop and then the perfunctory stop by the Dairy Queen walk-up for a cone.

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  9. klrwhizkid

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    Here are some pictures passed along to me. Accreditation unknown.

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  10. FriscoFriend

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    In my original post on this thread I mentioned that I remembered a gas station in Fall River, KS on the Wichita Sub that I believed resembled the Depots by John model. Until going back over there on Mother's Day I forgot how closely it actually did. Judging by the pumps still present it was evidently used until recent times. I might add that the model is available in both HO and N Scale. Enjoy!

    Fall River Gas Station #1.JPG Fall River Gas Station #2.JPG
  11. TAG1014

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    A modeling "tip" (you might say): I've always heard the old saying that "The best location for a gas station was across the street from another gas station!" That might be a good trick on a model RR layout. I can think of many instances where gas stations were across from one another (Especially diagonally) in my hometown (Springfield, MO), each with a different clientele. Since gas stations are small buildings, it could be easily done on a layout. Also lots of gas stations wound up selling products for a different company than the one that built the structure. MANY station buildings were re-purposed over their service lifetime. And there are many nice gas station models available in all scales. One station could be a spic and span major oil company showcase and the other a run down "mom and pop" enterprise.

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  12. FriscoFriend

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    Your post is very insightful to say the least. There are many gas stations (or former ones) that are actually gift shoppes, antique stores, min-marts, etc. I can think of several here in Kansas and as soon as I get by one of them I will post a photo or two. For those of you leaving around Wichita, there is a watering hole, cigar bar on a corner in downtown by the name of Mort's. I will post a picture soon.
  13. yardmaster

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    I've always thought that this service station would make a good model. Broadway and Pacific Streets in Cape Girardeau. I don't know the era or timeframe of the photo, but I think the station would look good anytime from the 1940s onward.

    Can any of you KC area folk verify if the old gas station-turned-BBQ restaurant in downtown Bonner Springs is still open? We ate there some time ago when my wife's grandmother and great-uncle were still with us.

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  14. FriscoFriend

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    To All:

    This site was posted on another group and it is awesome!

    Go to "Gibble Gas" as they were in Oklahoma and I remember one on Hwy. 75 between Bartlesville and Dewey, OK when I was growing up in the early '60's. No kid could ever forget that name!

    Have Fun!!!
  15. trainsignguy

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    Probably won't be working on the layout tonight. I have gas stations to look at. Thanks Bob! That is a great website for a gas station junkie like myself.

    Dale Rush

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